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Happy Spring! + New Layout

Spring is here; that colorful time of the year when nature starts waking up once again. Flowers and trees start to blossom, the grass is greener and ladybugs appear to be just about everywhere. Nature waking up might remind us that we could make some positive changes as well.

Therefore, to fit in with the season, Mysteria Words is changing both the blog layout and the way things work around here. Mysteria Words will no longer be bound to only paranormal topics. Instead, I will be writing about anything and everything that might capture my attention at the moment and, let me tell you, my attention flies just about everywhere. Do not get me wrong, supernatural topics will still be a huge (and probably main) part of Mysteria Words since paranormal mysteries are one of my biggest interests. Therefore, let's embrace spring and embark on this new adventure!

Which blog design do you like better; old one or the new one? If you are a blogger yourself, Blogger platform added new templates …