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The Dybbuk Box

The Dybbuk Box is a wine cabinet thought to be haunted by a Dybbuk; a restless, usually malicious spirit who is believed to be able to haunt and even possess the living. The box gained popularity when it was auctioned on eBay by Kevin Mannis. He was not only selling the box, he was selling what's inside of it as well. 

According to Kevin, he bought the box at an estate sale in early 2000s. He was told that the box belonged to sales woman's grandmother Havela; a survivor of the Holocaust in German-occupied Poland. She escaped to Spain and bought the box there before immigrating to the United States. Kevin felt that it would not be right to buy off family heritage. However, the lady insisted telling him they do not want it anymore. She even told him the box is possessed by a restless spirit; Dybbuk. Kevin decided to buy it anyways.
As he brought the box home, Kevin decided to open the box. Inside he found two 1920's pennies, a lock of blonde hair bound with a cord, a lock of b…

Do You Believe in Horoscope?

Generally, people tend not to believe in horoscopes yet somehow majority of are aware of our Sun sign. Furthermore, a lot of us sneak a peek at our daily horoscope; it is all for fun, we say. Weather it is in newspapers, magazines, websites or getting our full charts read; curiosity simply gets the best of us. 

SIMPLY HOROSCOPE When someone asks "what's your sign?", people are usually referring to the Sun sign. In short, Sun sign is based on the position of the Sun at the time of our birth. However, horoscope is a lot more than just a position of the Sun. Instead, it is a position of all the planets, moons and other astrological aspects at the time of our birth. According to wikipedia, horoscope is defined as astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of person's birth. Derived from Greek, horoscope means "time" and "observer&qu…

Mysterious Doll "Okiku" Grows Hair

Haunted dolls are one of the most famous objects associated with paranormal. My guess is, they probably hold the second spot, right after haunted houses. There is something eerie about dolls in general; add paranormal mix and you have got a recipe for nightmare. We have discussed several different haunted dolls on this blog before (Robert, Anabelle, Mandy, Peggy), but the doll of today's discussion is a little bit different. This doll has more of a magical properties rather than those of a vengeful spirit. Instead of attacking you, she simply - grows hair. 
THE STORY OF OKIKU Story of the Okiku doll starts in 1918 in Sapporo, a place on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. That's when a 17 year old boy called Eikichi Suzuki purchased a doll for his two year old sister, Okiku, as a souvenir.As soon as his sister got the doll, she was smitten by it. Allegedly, little girl carried the doll everywhere, played with it everyday and even named the doll after herself, Okiku. It is not enoug…

Old Hag Phenomenon: An Apparition Seen by Other Person While Awake?

A few weeks back, I was on a YouTube spree and I ended up watching a tone of paranormal storytimes. One, in particular, captured my attention. In a video, a girl by the YouTube name Leah Gordone talks about already terrifying enough experience; an old hag syndrome. However, there in a twist in Leah's story which captured my attention.
OLD HAG EXPERIENCE To start with, an old hag (also known as night hag) is a phenomenon which is usually experienced while an individual is either falling asleep or waking up. During the experience, an individual will hallucinate an apparition standing near their bed or sitting on top of them. An apparition will mostly look like a shadowy figure of a person, sometimes wearing cloak or a hat (usually a fedora, a witch hat or a hoodie). People report being unable to breathe properly during these experiences; especially if an apparition is sitting on top of their chest. Old had syndrome is usually accompanied with sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a cond…

Haunted House Near Lovran, Croatia

The following is a story about the allegedly haunted house located on the cliff near the small town of Lovran in Croatia. The house has been thought of as haunted for a few decades now with numerous stories circulating around. 
THE STORY In the beginning, the house was actually a hotel whose dark history started very early after it was established. In 1912., a man cut his wife's throat in a hotel and committed suicide afterwards by jumping off the cliff. Several years later, in 1923., arson happened. The hotel went up in flames over night. Allegedly, the fire was started by owners themselves in order to get insurance money. Further history of the hotel gets even darker. Allegedly, during the World War Second, a woman was tortured and killed there. After the World War Second had ended, two more woman suffered the same faith.  After a while, a family bought a house and decided to renovate it. Unfortunately, everything had turned against them with several strange events occurring. The n…

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The Haunted Wedding Dress

Several haunted objects have been mentioned on this blog before with haunted dolls covering most of the haunted objects category. Aside from dolls, there are numerous objects that are allegedly haunted; from mirrors, to chairs and clothing; a haunted wedding dress to be more exact. The allegedly haunted wedding dress is thought to be one of the most haunted pieces of clothing today. 
The story of a haunted wedding dress starts in 1849. A young girl from a wealthy family, Anna Baker, fell in love with a boy who was not from a wealthy family. Although the couple was very happy together, Anna's family did not approve their relationship. However, Anna was so in love that she did not care; she started to plan a wedding and even got a wedding dress. Unfortunately, her father in particular did not want his daughter to marry a boy from lower class and situation got so heated that he eventually forbid his daughter to ever see that boy again. Since than, Anna lived a lonely and bitter life. …

Favorite Paranormal YouTube: Kyla Rebecca

Last month, we started exploring interesting paranormal side of YouTube. In a previous Favorite Paranormal YouTube post, we have discussed Paranormal Kativity, one of my personal favorite YouTube channels about Paranormal. In today's post, we will discuss channel Kyla Rebecca.
YouTube channel Kyla Rebecca does not necessarily focus only on the topic of paranormal. Instead, this channel covers several different topics with paranormal being a big part of it. Furthermore, Kyla's paranormal videos are pretty popular; probably the most popular out of her videos. Her videos are also very unique and, therefore, worth a notice in my opinion. She shares her own unexplained experiences and she even went on a ghost haunting investigation with her friends. 



In the first video, Kyla shares her experiences that occurred at the Blagg Cemetery in Arkansas, USA. She also tell a legend about a witch buried at the mentioned cemetery. In a second video, we follow Kyla, …

Ariana Grande & Her Paranormal Experience

We have covered some celebrity paranormal experiences on this blog before; we discussed the Nanny's Fran Drescher alien experience as well as Adele's life in a haunted mansion. Today, we will add singer Ariana Grande to the mix. Back in 2013, Ariana Grande gave an interview to a Complex Magazine. Among usual celebrity topics, the interview took a different turn when the interviewer asked the singer if she believes in ghosts and aliens.

Grande came clean about her beliefs telling the magazine that she is a firm believer in supernatural. Furthermore, the singer supported her beliefs with claims that she had experienced unexplained phenomenon herself.  In continuation of an interview, she decided to share them with the magazine. 

INSERT FROM THE COMPLEX MAGAZINE INTERVIEW  Do you believe in aliens and ghosts?Of course. We’d be so stupid to believe we are the only people here.Have you ever seen an alien?Not an alien, but I’ve had a ghost/demon experience. We were in Kansas City a few…

The Black Stick Man

Among shadow people, black eyed children and white eyed children; there is another type of paranormal entity which belongs to a bit more modern folklore. In today's article, I would like to introduce you to The Black Stick Man; another mysterious being people claim to have seen.
The very first time, I discovered the idea of the Black Stick Man was in an article on where they discussed top 10 bizarre modern paranormal phenomenon. Although, Black Stick Man never really reached the popularity as other paranormal beings, he was placed on an honorable third place on and above him were only the famous Black Eyed Children and Shadow People. Therefore, this mysterious creature deserves a place on this blog.

Encounters with the Black Stick Man are apparently known to be relatively common and share lots of similarities with those with Shadow People and Slenderman. Firstly, most of the encounters happen either on the side of the roads …

Mysterious T-Shirt & Appearing Object Phenomenon (I'm Not Even Kidding)

Ok, so, this is a crazy one. I distinctly remember that I mentioned once on this blog that there are periods in my life when unexplained things would happen. Well, it's that time again! It all happened prior to Paranormal Experiences with my Roommate Part II post. It was probably the very first unexplained phenomenon of the current paranormal period happening in my life. The truth is, I'm sharing this story only now because I thought this event is just way too unreal and crazy even for me. However, it is a strange thing that happened in my life; therefore, it deserves a spot on this blog. 

One sunny day, my roommate decided to do laundry; it was the day for washing all white clothes. Once the washing machine was done, she pulled out clothes and noticed a t-shirt which wasn't hers. It was a white t-shit with three cute ghosts and a quote: "Life is too short to wear boring clothes." Naturally, she came to tell me that she accidentally washed my t-shirt. However, tha…

Creepy Girl by the End of the Road

The following is the true story that happened to me in August, 2016. Since then I have been debating about if I should write about this experience or not because I cannot say with all certainty that the occurrence was of paranormal origin. However, paranormal or not, the event was straight out of a horror movie and worth a notice. Therefore, I'm just going to let you guys to judge.

Back in August, I was returning home from work at around 3 AM. Yep, that shift was pretty crazy. When I was only three blocks away from my house, I saw something in the distance by the end of the road. It captured my attention because I don't remember ever seeing anything there before. However, at the moment, I was not really worried about it; at the very best, I thought it was a small tree I never noticed before. As I was getting closer to the mysterious object, it started to look more and more like a human. To be more specific, it looked like a girl sitting down, holding her knees. Althou…