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EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) - Is It Really Paranormal?


Now we ask an old age question that comes along with anything unexplained; is it really paranormal? Believers theorize that it might be of a paranormal origin while debunkers are trying to find possible rational explanation for EVP. In the following text, we will discuss several theories on what an EVP could be, where could it come from therefore if the mysterious audio originates from beyond the grave or are we simply failing to see something rational.
This is the most popular theory for the recordings which contain mysterious and unexplained sounds and voices. This theory is so popular that a lot of researchers who investigate ghost phenomenon use EVP as a way of communicating with people who have crossed over. 

Second theory is similar to the first one; receiving messages from other worlds. However, this theory suggests that some of these messages …

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) - Brief History


THOMAS EDISON & THE EVP The idea of recording a ghost voice was first introduced in 1920's when Thomas Edison himself tried to invent a machine that would communicate with the dead. Edison believed that our personality might survive the death of the body as well as that we might be able to record something otherworldly only if we could create a delicate enough machine. Obviously, Edison never succeeded in his invention, but his idea lives on.

OVER A HUNDRED SPIRIT RECORDINGS One of the early enthusiasts in recording ghost voices was an American photographer, Attila von Szalay. His attempts begun in the late 1930's, than continued through 1940's as well as 1950's. He had recorded many sounds and voices through years of his research. Although many argued mysterious voice recordings were actually random radio broadcasts that were accidentally picked up, this criticism was quickly and easily answered. Some of the recorded voices spo…

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Voices of the dead are captured in an audio recording. In layman's terms, Electronic voice phenomenon is supposed to be exactly that; recorded voices from the afterlife. According to Wikipedia, electronic voice phenomenon or, shortly, EVP are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices and might be intentionally or unintentionally recorded. 

As mentioned, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is a sound or a voice which appears on a recording but has no known or scientific explanations for being recorded. Therefore, the sound or a voice is not heard during the recording session. Instead, it is heard later upon the reviewing of the tape. Mostly, such mysterious sounds are attributed to the spirit world since no known explanations could seemingly be found.
EVP varies from one to another; it could be an unfamiliar sound or an actual voice of a known or unknown person. The voice can vary in gender, tone, emotion or age; the voic…

Friday the 13th - Where Does It Come From?

Friday the 13th is considered as one of the scariest dates of the year in the Western culture, making it the biggest competitor to Halloween. Friday the 13th is so infamous that not even Hollywood has not missed a chance to cash on by filming one of the greatest horror classics of all time and naming it Friday the 13th. What it is about that day that made it so infamous? Let's find out!
To start with, Friday the 13th occurs whenever the 13th of the month in Gregorian calendar falls on Friday. This happens every year at least once, however it could occur up to tree times a year.  As mentioned, in Western civilizations, Friday the 13th is considered to be quite an unlucky day. Why is it considered unlucky? Well, the origins are actually pretty unclear. According to, there are no written evidence about Friday the 13th before the 19th century which makes the unlucky day relatively new. However, the fear of the number 13, which is directly connected to the Friday the 13th, c…

Mysterious Black Object Orbiting the Earth?

Mysterious black object was detected orbiting around Earth, therefore giving it a title of a satellite. The mystery was created due to the speculation that the object is neither of human or natural origin. So, where did it come from? Naturally, people started to theorize that the unusual black satellite might be of an extraterrestrial origin.  The satellite was appropriately named the Black Knight.
Allegedly, the first person to detect the Black Knight was a scientist Nikola Tesla himself. Rumors have it that Tesla received strange signals in 1899. Nowadays, it is theorized that the strange signals Nikola Tesla heard were actually coming from no other but the mysterious satellite. However, it was not until 1940's when the satellite finally got its recognition. The Black Knight satellite has been transmitting signals for over 50 years now.  As of now, NASA managed to photograph the mysterious satellite weighing at least 10 tons several times. Sadly, it is believed that the Black Knig…

Favorite Paranormal YouTube: Jessica Danielle

It's time for another favorite paranormal YouTube! Today we will be looking into the channel Jessica Danielle. Mostly a vlogger, her channel currently has over 35,000 subscribers and growing. 

Although this channel is not strictly focused on paranormal, Jessica's spooky stories are certainly some of my favorite. She is a great storyteller and her approach to paranormal stories is pretty different and unique in a good way.
As of recently, Jessica Danielle had started posting interesting conspiracy theories videos as well as spooky countdowns including creepiest exorcisms and haunted places. Jessica's paranormal videos are among her most viewed videos. Therefore, it is only natural she would take a spooky route. Some of my favorite Jessica's scary videos are listed bellow. They are both scary and humorous! Enjoy!

My Paranormal Experiences

My Witchcraft and Ghost Stories

Mind you, Mysteria Words is in no way affiliated with Jessica Danielle.
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The Pact: "Is There Anything After Death?"

Everyone will eventually start to debate on the meaning of life which mostly leads to the never answered question: Is there afterlife? The following story started in the same tone when two friends started talking about the afterlife. Interestingly, one of the woman appeared to get her answers. 
THE STORY To start with, I have heard this story from my grandmother and she heard it from a friend a while back. It is a story of two neighbors who eventually got so close that they became best friends. Once, the two friends were having a deep conversation bringing up the provocative questions including the meaning of life. Eventually, the conversation took a turn on afterlife. They were trying to figure out if there is anything after death. As usual, they could not get to the bottom of this topic. In conclusion to the discussion, the two woman decided to make a pact. In order for them to get the answers from beyond the grave, both promised that the first one out of two of them that dies will le…

World's Most Haunted Painting: The Hands Resist Him

In 1972, artist Bill Stoneham painted a picture named "The Hands Resist Him". It was a painting of a young boy and female doll standing in front of a glass door against which many hands are pressed. Actor John Marley was the first person who purchased the now infamous painting. The second owners were a Californian couple who in the year 2000 posted a painting on eBay for sale. Their post quickly gained unusual popularity. Why? Well, due to the couple's claims that the painting is actually haunted.
According the the, the couple claimed that everyone who viewed the painting reported feeling sick and weak. Some even stated, they would feel a blast of hot air upon viewing the painting describing it as if someone had opened the oven. Furthermore, when children would view the mysterious painting, they would run from the room screaming. It gets even stranger. According the the couple, the characters in the painting would be moving at night. Allegedly, they would disapp…

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