Mysterious Black Object Orbiting the Earth?

Mysterious black object was detected orbiting around Earth, therefore giving it a title of a satellite. The mystery was created due to the speculation that the object is neither of human or natural origin. So, where did it come from? Naturally, people started to theorize that the unusual black satellite might be of an extraterrestrial origin.  The satellite was appropriately named the Black Knight.

The Black Knight
Allegedly, the first person to detect the Black Knight was a scientist Nikola Tesla himself. Rumors have it that Tesla received strange signals in 1899. Nowadays, it is theorized that the strange signals Nikola Tesla heard were actually coming from no other but the mysterious satellite. However, it was not until 1940's when the satellite finally got its recognition. The Black Knight satellite has been transmitting signals for over 50 years now. 
As of now, NASA managed to photograph the mysterious satellite weighing at least 10 tons several times. Sadly, it is believed that the Black Knight is nothing but a giant piece of space garbage. However, that never stopped the alien enthusiast to keep speculating on whether the object is of extraterrestrial origin. Who knows, but it is certainly interesting.

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