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Basics of Understanding Angels

So, here it goes; something that changed my life for the better. As a person who is naturally interested in paranormal, it seems only normal to explore angels as well. However, interestingly, I started noticing angels coincidentally rather than searching for them. It all happened last September when I had the strangest dream. In a dream random people would give coins from different countries to my friend and I. We seemed to pay attention to one specific coin; it was gold and it had a pyramid on top. The next morning, I went to the ATM. As I'm on the ATM, I notice that same coin just chilling on the ATM! I can't explain to you how sorry I am for not taking that coin or at least taking a picture of it. I've tried to google it but couldn't find it.
Few months later, I found out that these coins are one of the signs angels give to people as a confirmation that they are here. Since then, I would be offered the abundance of information about angels out of the blue. From books,…

Black Eyed Children

Let's explore the paranormal phenomenon known as black eyed children. Majority of us who are familiar with this phenomenon heard about it over the internet as yet another urban legend. But is it just an urban legend? Those who encountered black eyed children might not agree with those who claim that this is just an internet hoax.

WHO ARE BLACK EYED CHILDREN? Exactly like their name says, these are children with solid pitch black eyes without pupils or irises. They generally either appear alone or in pair. No one surely knows who or what they are neither where do they come from. Most of the encounters with them happen at deserted areas. However, there are more and more reports of black eyed children arriving at people’s doorstep. It does not matter if the children approach you at the deserted area or if you open the door of your home to them, each encounter sounds pretty much the same. The moment you encounter black eyed children, you will feel extreme sense of danger without the act…

Spirits Visiting in Dreams

Many people encounter their loved ones who have passed on in their dreams. Majority claim these experiences feel a bit different than your everyday dream. They seem to be a lot more calming and peaceful. The reason why our loved ones usually visit us is to simply let us know that they are fine and happy at the other side. Today I would like to share with you two stories about my experiences with spirits visits in dreams.

The first dream is quite strange for me. When I was around 22, I was at my grandmother's place for few weeks in the summer. One night, I went to bed and dreamed one of the most confusing dreams I have ever dreamed. The dream was very vivid and realistic. I dreamed that I'm sleeping when I heard someone enter the door. I just knew it was my grand grandmother and I got the mental picture of her in my head. I was lying in bed facing away from the door; I didn't want to turn around because for some reason I taught it would be best to pretend th…

Annabelle, the Haunted Doll

You might be familiar the following story if you have seen the movie "Annabelle". The movie is based on the true story about the allegedly possessed doll. Let's put Hollywood aside for a moment and explore the actual events which lead to the belief that Annabelle might be haunted.

In 1970, a mother bought a Raggedy Ann doll as a present for her daughter Donna who, at the time, was a college student. She was living in a tiny apartment with her roommate Angie. A few days after Donna brought the doll into the apartment, both her and her roommate started noticing strange things happening. At first, the doll would change posture without explanation while later the doll would be found in completely different rooms. Aside from the movements, the doll would allegedly write messages as well. Donna and Angie would find messages saying "help me" written on paper. The situation went even worse when, one night, Donna found that the doll moved to her bad. Besides the movement…

Phantom Smells

Have you ever smelled something out of the ordinary? Maybe a freshly cut grass in the middle of the winter? It stunts you but you didn't think much of it because it'sjust a smell. Considering we're living in a very visual world, majority of us might easily dismiss the messages we receive through our other senses including the smells. 

Paranormal or phantom smells consider smelling unusual scents without known source. When I first experienced this, I was around fourteen and I smelled milk on the stairs of my home. It was very intense and obvious, however, that never stopped me from dismissing it. It was years later when I finally started acknowledging this phenomenon so don't feel bad, we all do it! In the psychic world, the ability to smell unknown scents is usually considered as clairsentience. Clairsentience is a psychic ability to sense paranormal phenomenon with your feelings. Although, there is an actual name specifically for experiencing phantom smel…

Prophetic Dreams

When I was nineteen years old, I had a dream about looking for a place to stay. Some older lady walked me in to the cutest studio apartment. In a dream I thought:"This would be perfect for me." A month later, I was actually looking to rent a place. As I went to check one of the apartments, I was stunt to see that the inside of this apartment looked exactly like the one I dreamed. Might I mention that I never saw this apartment before. 

Prophetic dreams are simply precognitive dreams. In these dreams a person receives information about the future. The tricky part is that we usually don't know which dreams are prophetic until the moment when they come true. However, sometimes we might feel like a certain dream was prophetic and it comes true but it's quite rare. While we are sleeping, we are a lot more open to paranormal phenomenon. That's why we might receive more vivid information in our dreams rather than in everyday life when we don't have time to notice the…

Ouija Board

This seems to be quite a popular topic when it comes to paranormal. There are numerous stories about Ouija board ending badly. It is important to understand that majority of these stories are fake. However, there is a pretty good amount of experiences which seem to be valid. So, let's take a look at this infamous board designed to summon spirits.

For some Ouija board is a game, while for others, it is a divination tool. The main purpose of the board is to communicate with the spirit realm. It was first commercially introduced in the 19th century with the boom of spiritualism. Ouija board is a flat board with letters in alphabetical order, numbers from zero to nine, yes, no and good bye written on it. It is played with the planchette. Participants are supposed to put the planchette in the middle of the board facing up. Then lightly put four fingers on the planchete and simply start asking questions. The spirit will answer questions by moving the planche…

Shadow People

Several times when I was sleeping and just about to wake up, there would be two shadows next to my bed. I'd hear them say:"C'mon, let’s go. She's about to wake up. We have to go."Moments later, I'd be fully awake and there would be no one but me inside of the bedroom.
Shadow people are known as shadowy apparitions of a humanoid figure usually encountered either during the night often in a state of sleep paralysisor in the peripheries of our vision. They are described as humanoid shadows without any facial features whose height varies from a shadow of a child to them being as tall as the ceiling. Encounters with these apparitions probably exist since there were people and there have been numerous reports about them thought the history. However, they seem to be more talked about today. The reason for it might be simple; we live in a lot more open-minded age with the access to the internet which are two basic factors for talking about the unknown and quickly shar…

Cleansing Your Home

When talking about paranormal, we have to mention the process of cleansing. People in different cultures have been doing this for years. Your home doesn't necessary has to be haunted for you to do it. Cleansing a home is good for so many reasons. Sometimes we just want to get rid of the uncomfortable atmosphere after an argument, an illness, break up or even just if you want that feeling of a fresh start. Furthermore, cleansings are recommended if you are moving into a new space or if your roommate or anyone who used to live with you moves out. Tricks which I use for cleansing are all pretty simple. They can be used separately, in different combinations or all together.
Firstly, it is very important to clean up your home and get rid of clutter. Once I read something pretty awesome; if you haven't worn a shirt for over six months, you don't need it. The truth is, we own so many things we don't need and what we are creating is a useless an…

Growing Up in a Haunted Building Part II

Yesterday, I shared one story from the haunted building I grew up in. Since a bunch of spooky stuff happened there, today I decided to share yet another story that originated from the same place.
TRUE STORY "THE CONVERSATION" Following story is pretty similar to the previous one and that's what makes it even freakier. When I was eleven, I was home alone doing my homework. My mom was at work and my dad went to pick up my sister from school. As I'm doing my homework, I hear my sister and my dad return home. Dad goes straight to the living room and I hear him placing the keys on the table. My sister goes to our room; we were sharing a room at the time. She puts her bag on the floor and starts to tease me. She was teasing me about why I' doing my homework so late. As an eleven year old that frustrated me so much because I just got back home from school and immediately started working on my homework. As she was teasing me more and more, I was becoming more and more frus…

Growing Up in a Haunted Building

There was a time when this girl was living in a haunted building. A bunch of unexplained phenomena occurred there to multiple witnesses. Today, I will share with you one of many strange events that happened while I lived there. 

TRUE STORY "THE GIGGLING"Once, when I was about eight years old, my sister and I were home alone and we decided to go to the playground. After a while, we decided to return home. As we were returning home, we ran into a friend of ours who was very visibly upset with us and we didn't understand why. So, our friend started to explain the situation. She claimed that just a few moments ago, she was at our apartment ringing the doorbell trying to hang out with us but we didn't want to let her in. She says she heard me inside of the apartment playing, laughing and giggling. So, clearly, she was upset because she thought we were home but didn't want to let her in. My sister and I were staring at her in disbelief knowing that actually nobody is ho…

Angel Hugs

Have you ever felt a hug without seeing who is hugging you? Was this experience so incredibly wonderful and blissful that you are really hopping it will happen again? Well, there is a chance you were hugged by an angel!
Angel’s hugs are reported quite often. Most likely they will occur when a person is in need of comfort. However, there are also reports of this phenomenon in the moments of high relaxation. That is when we are extremely open and susceptible. Therefore, you might feel an angel hug while daydreaming, meditating, sleeping or when in hypnogognic state. These hugs feel different than your average hug. They are very warm and comfortable. When experiencing an angel hug, people feel the most wonderful feeling of unconditional love. Some people report the feeling of tickling or tingling during these experiences. Interestingly, regardless the fact that you are just being hugged by something you can't see, you will not be afraid. The feeling of love is just so strong that all …