Black Eyed Children

Let's explore the paranormal phenomenon known as black eyed children. Majority of us who are familiar with this phenomenon heard about it over the internet as yet another urban legend. But is it just an urban legend? Those who encountered black eyed children might not agree with those who claim that this is just an internet hoax.

Exactly like their name says, these are children with solid pitch black eyes without pupils or irises. They generally either appear alone or in pair. No one surely knows who or what they are neither where do they come from. Most of the encounters with them happen at deserted areas. However, there are more and more reports of black eyed children arriving at people’s doorstep. It does not matter if the children approach you at the deserted area or if you open the door of your home to them, each encounter sounds pretty much the same. The moment you encounter black eyed children, you will feel extreme sense of danger without the actual reason for it. Furthermore, the children will desperately try to hide their eyes away from you by not looking directly at you or even hiding their eyes with hoodies or glasses. This might give you the impression that they are a bit shy. However, majority of people are immediately aware that something is very wrong when they encounter these shy yet extremely threatening children. Black eyed children will than ask you a favor. Usually, they ask for a place to stay or a ride home. For unexplained reasons, it seems to be terribly hard to reject them. However, according to the legend, it’s absolutely necessary to firmly and politely reject their request. Apparently, they don't give up easily and will proceed to ask you for a favor. It is important that you reject them every single time no matter how hard or uncomfortable it is. If you manage to get rid of them, you are safe. It is unknown what happens when someone complies with their requests. Some believe black eyed children will murder the person who agrees while others claim that’s how you become one of them.

According to Mystic Files, black eyed children were first mentioned in 1988. That's when a journalist Brian Bethel allegedly encountered them. After he reported this strange event, several different people came forward with similar stories as well. Since then, there have been reported numerous encounters with black eyed children and, nowadays, the internet seems to be full of stories about these mysterious beings.

Skeptics claim that Brian Bethel came up with the story to further his career and that the majority of the stories online are simply a fraud. On the contrary, believers state that there are just too many reports of black eyed children for all of them to be a fraud. So, which is it? No one can surely say. Both sides hold really good cases. Truth is, there are probably many frauds online, however, as they say, where there's a smoke there is a fire and, therefore, we shouldn’t just dismiss a person who encounters them. Instead, let’s keep our mind open and keep on investigating! Also, did you know there are white eyed children now as well? Learn about them here.

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