Annabelle, the Haunted Doll

You might be familiar the following story if you have seen the movie "Annabelle". The movie is based on the true story about the allegedly possessed doll. Let's put Hollywood aside for a moment and explore the actual events which lead to the belief that Annabelle might be haunted.

Actual photo of the original Annabelle

In 1970, a mother bought a Raggedy Ann doll as a present for her daughter Donna who, at the time, was a college student. She was living in a tiny apartment with her roommate Angie. A few days after Donna brought the doll into the apartment, both her and her roommate started noticing strange things happening. At first, the doll would change posture without explanation while later the doll would be found in completely different rooms. Aside from the movements, the doll would allegedly write messages as well. Donna and Angie would find messages saying "help me" written on paper. The situation went even worse when, one night, Donna found that the doll moved to her bad. Besides the movement, Donna felt like this time something really was not right. As she went to inspect the doll, she saw red drops on the back of the dolls hands and chest. After that incident, the girls called a medium to the apartment. The medium informed them that the doll is possessed by a spirit of a little girl who inhabited doll because she felt comfortable around girls. Both Donna and Angie felt bad for the little girl so they have allowed her to stay. Quickly after the session with the medium, strange things started happening again and this time, they were worse. Lou, a friend of Donna and Angie, experienced sleep paralysis during which he was choked by the doll. He also experienced what is probably the worse experience with Annabelle. Once, Lou and Angie were home alone when they heard rustling from Donnas’ room. As Lou went to inspect, there was nothing out of the ordinary except from Annabelle whom was tossed in the corner of the room. When he got closer to the doll, he felt like someone is behind him. Lou quickly turns around only to find there was nobody there. That is when he found himself bleeding from his chest. There were seven distinct claw marks on his chest. Mysteriously, these marks healed in two days. After Lou’s experience, Donna visited a priest who looked for help from another priest who then contacted the Warrens. Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators, quickly learned that the doll is not possessed by the spirit of the little girl. Instead it was possessed by an inhumane demonic spirit. The case was finished when the priest blessed the apartment as a cleansing. As for the doll, she was taken by the Warrens and placed in a special case at the Warren Occult Museum and that's where she remains till this day

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