Basics of Understanding Angels

So, here it goes; something that changed my life for the better. As a person who is naturally interested in paranormal, it seems only normal to explore angels as well. However, interestingly, I started noticing angels coincidentally rather than searching for them. It all happened last September when I had the strangest dream.
 In a dream random people would give coins from different countries to my friend and I. We seemed to pay attention to one specific coin; it was gold and it had a pyramid on top. The next morning, I went to the ATM. As I'm on the ATM, I notice that same coin just chilling on the ATM! I can't explain to you how sorry I am for not taking that coin or at least taking a picture of it. I've tried to google it but couldn't find it. 

Few months later, I found out that these coins are one of the signs angels give to people as a confirmation that they are here. Since then, I would be offered the abundance of information about angels out of the blue. From books, websites, cards, you name it. To my surprise, each new information I found out about these light beings made my life hundred times better. Everything seemed easier, lighter and happier and I never wanted it to stop. But it did. It stopped. You know when it stopped? When I allowed it to stop. As a human, I got overwhelmed with your regular, human everyday stuff. I wanted it back so bad. The truth is, it never went away nor did it magically appear with the coin. I allowed human everyday stuff to blur my perception and I was not able to hear angels anymore. They were nudging me every day trying to talk to me but I could not hear because I was not listening. Why wasn’t I listening? Human life seemed to force me not to take things lightly as if it’s bad to complete tasks lightly since you might give the perception of not carrying and I care; I care so much about other people. The ultimate truth angels bring is love. They want us to love ourselves to the point we can feel confident enough to spread that love in the world and ultimately serve our life purpose. The truth is, not everyone is there, and not everyone is ready to feel that unconditional love. I am one of these people. I am afraid of losses I might experience if I were to live my life purpose due to the fact that not everyone will agree with it. However, I wish you all to know that not everyone will leave you for your choices and those that do simply have different life path than you. Never judge.
In continuation, I will try to share with you basics about angels that severely changed my life perspective for the better and it is one of these things that will stay with me forever.



Angels are primarily known as spiritual beings found in various religions and spiritual teachings and practices all around the world. The word angel is derived from Greek angelos meaning messenger. Therefore, angels deliver messages between the Creator and the created. They are mentioned all thought first civilizations in antiquity; however, their origin goes way before humans and the Earth even existed. Angels originate from nothing but God’s pure thoughts of love even before there were space and time.


 Angels exist in a completely different dimension from the one humans are familiar with, making their perception very different than ours. Firstly, they exist in the highest dimension of pure light. This means they only know the truth and nothing but the truth. Secondly, there is neither time nor space in the angel realm. Therefore, angels are not bound by earthly boundaries. Summed up, this means angels have the best possible perception of reality with the purest of intentions.


English writer G. K. Chesterton once stated that “angels fly because they take themselves lightly” and he could not be more right. The reason why they take themselves lightly is due to the fact that they, unlike humans, see no obstacles in living the highest truth in the present. As mentioned before, time and space do not exist in the realm of angels. This means there is no big or small tasks, complicated or simple assignments, easy or hard route neither there is yesterday or tomorrow. For angels, there is only living for the highest good at this moment. With such perspective, angels can see past the surface and only focus on the good within us.


It is important to mention that angels are not worshiped nor they wish to be worshiped. Their purpose with humans is, as mentioned before, to deliver messages between the Creator and us. Each and every one of us has the right and the ability to connect with the Creator and therefore receive messages from angels. Divine assistance is always available to everybody! Angels are here to help us and lead us towards the direction of bringing happiness and healing in the world. Messages we receive from angels are always in our best interest and they are filled with unconditional love. For humans, angels are the most loving and trustworthy partners in life. Moreover, angels are extremely happy and excited when they are called to help. For them, this is their natural state.

Once you feel the real truth of angels, you will never go back. I ask myself and all of you: “What’s truth like?” No matter what your or mine answer is, this particular answer is the ultimate reality we live in aware of it or not. Each and every one of us creates the reality. It doesn’t only create our reality; it ultimately creates the world we exist in. This responsibility might frighten many without ever knowing that it will set free the power within us we yearn for and give us voice to be heard. Facing the angel’s truth, we are opening our eyes and seeing ourselves and our surroundings objectively, realistically and for what it truly is. It ultimately makes you feel, sense, hear, see, smell and taste the beauty within you and around you. That’s what magic really is.

Thanks for a read!

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