Prophetic Dreams

When I was nineteen years old, I had a dream about looking for a place to stay. Some older lady walked me in to the cutest studio apartment. In a dream I thought: "This would be perfect for me." A month later, I was actually looking to rent a place. As I went to check one of the apartments, I was stunt to see that the inside of this apartment looked exactly like the one I dreamed. Might I mention that I never saw this apartment before. 


Prophetic dreams are simply precognitive dreams. In these dreams a person receives information about the future. The tricky part is that we usually don't know which dreams are prophetic until the moment when they come true. However, sometimes we might feel like a certain dream was prophetic and it comes true but it's quite rare. While we are sleeping, we are a lot more open to paranormal phenomenon. That's why we might receive more vivid information in our dreams rather than in everyday life when we don't have time to notice them or we are not as observant as we could be.

Majority of prophetic dreams are about life changing events or even events which will have global effect although sometimes these dreams might me about smaller events or about seemingly random useless information. There were times when I'd dream that I overslept and then I'd usually oversleep in reality that same day. Also, once I dreamed that random people would give coins from different countries to my friend and I. We seemed to like this one specific coin; it was gold and it had a pyramid on the top. The next morning, I went to the ATM. Believe in ot not, there was that same coin just chilling on the ATM! I can't explain to you how sorry I am for not taking that coin or at least taking a picture of it. I've tried to google it but couldn't find it. At least now, I'm paying more attention and listening to my intuition a bit more.

If you wish to know whether you are having prophetic dreams or not, I'd suggest to keep a dream journal. You might be surprised later. Several months back, I found a dream journal I shortly kept as a child. I was stunt to find a dream in which I visited a specific island with my friend because several months after that dream, I visited that same island with that same friend. I completely forgot about that dream and if I didn't write it down I would have never known about it. Therefore, the moment you wake up, immediately write down your dreams. You can write anything you remember; colors, events, people, sound... Everything is allowed. Keeping a dream journal will not only help you keep a track of your prophetic dreams but it will help improve your memory and creativity, encourage lucid dreaming and you will be better at remembering your dreams in general. 

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Happy sleeping!


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