Spirits Visiting in Dreams

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Many people encounter their loved ones who have passed on in their dreams. Majority claim these experiences feel a bit different than your everyday dream. They seem to be a lot more calming and peaceful. The reason why our loved ones usually visit us is to simply let us know that they are fine and happy at the other side. Today I would like to share with you two stories about my experiences with spirits visits in dreams.


The first dream is quite strange for me. When I was around 22, I was at my grandmother's place for few weeks in the summer. One night, I went to bed and dreamed one of the most confusing dreams I have ever dreamed. The dream was very vivid and realistic. I dreamed that I'm sleeping when I heard someone enter the door. I just knew it was my grand grandmother and I got the mental picture of her in my head. I was lying in bed facing away from the door; I didn't want to turn around because for some reason I taught it would be best to pretend that I'm a sleep. I heard my grand grandmother mumbling something along the lines: "Who is that sleeping there? Who is that girl? Oh, well..."That's all that I could remember from a dream. Later while thinking about the dream, aside from the shock and fear I felt in my dream, I was more stunt to find out that my grad grandmother didn't recognize me. When she passed away, I was 14 which confuses me a bit. Maybe it's because I dye my hair.


This dream happened in December last year just a few days after my grandfather's brother passing. This was one of the most beautiful dreams I've ever dreamed. It's actually quite hard for me to say if this was actually a dream but the logical side of me assumes it was. As I was lying in bed suddenly a bright light appeared all over my vision. It felt extremely warm and loving. There appeared to be several angels in the light wearing pastel colors, mostly light pink. They wanted to share a message. They told me my grandpa's brother is fine, very happy and satisfied at the place he is at.  It all lasted for a split second when the light disappeared and I found myself awake lying on the bed.

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