Growing Up in a Haunted Building Part II

Yesterday, I shared one story from the haunted building I grew up in. Since a bunch of spooky stuff happened there, today I decided to share yet another story that originated from the same place.
Following story is pretty similar to the previous one and that's what makes it even freakier. When I was eleven, I was home alone doing my homework. My mom was at work and my dad went to pick up my sister from school. As I'm doing my homework, I hear my sister and my dad return home. Dad goes straight to the living room and I hear him placing the keys on the table. My sister goes to our room; we were sharing a room at the time. She puts her bag on the floor and starts to tease me. She was teasing me about why I' doing my homework so late. As an eleven year old that frustrated me so much because I just got back home from school and immediately started working on my homework. As she was teasing me more and more, I was becoming more and more frustrated so I decided to tell her off. That’s when I turned around only to find that there was nobody there! I just had a full blown conversation with, what I thought was my sister when in reality it was nothing. So, I went to check the apartment hoping that someone is there. But no one was home. The doors were locked, my sister wasn't there and neither was my dad. At that moment I just went to the phone and called my friend over.

Interestingly, the yesterday's story shares similarities with today's post; imitation. For whatever reason, it appears something or someone liked to mimic people, especially my family. Honestly, thinking about it makes me both curious and a bit uneasy. Curiosity got me to research this topic a bit further, but, at the end of the day, it did not leave me with much answers.

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