Phantom Smells

Have you ever smelled something out of the ordinary? Maybe a freshly cut grass in the middle of the winter? It stunts you but you didn't think much of it because it's just a smell. Considering we're living in a very visual world, majority of us might easily dismiss the messages we receive through our other senses including the smells. 


Paranormal or phantom smells consider smelling unusual scents without known source. When I first experienced this, I was around fourteen and I smelled milk on the stairs of my home. It was very intense and obvious, however, that never stopped me from dismissing it. It was years later when I finally started acknowledging this phenomenon so don't feel bad, we all do it! In the psychic world, the ability to smell unknown scents is usually considered as clairsentience. Clairsentience is a psychic ability to sense paranormal phenomenon with your feelings. Although, there is an actual name specifically for experiencing phantom smells; clairolfactory, it's not as mainstream as clairsentience.


The most common smell for me is, what I named, a graveyard smell.  The graveyard smell smells of candles and flowers. The first time I experienced it was pretty intense. I was up kind of late and as I finally went to bed the entire room started being filled with the smell of flowers and candles. I felt like I was at the funeral. However, my logic mind tried to rationalize it, so I was walking around trying to figure out what could it be. At one point, I was even checking if the gas was leaking even thought it smelled nothing like gas. I guess I just wanted a rational explanation. The smell appeared at around 1 or 2 AM and it lasted till 5 AM so that was pretty much a sleepless night for me. Since then, I've smelled graveyard smell countless times to the point that there were other people smelling it as well.


When talking about paranormal smells, majority of people will think of bed smells including burning or rotting. However, besides these uncomfortable smells, there are also pleasant ones. In my life, I had the chance to smell sweet smells (similar to Cola), chamomile and male cologne. So, how to know if the smell is good or bad? It's pretty simple. Does it stink or does it smell nice? If it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, it's probably nothing bad. Majority of people reports smelling cigarettes, candles, flowers and perfume. Sometimes these smells would remind them of the deceased loved one who is probably just visiting them. Therefore, before dismissing the smells or labeling them as bad, trust your emotions and the gut feeling.

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