Bizarre Mistery of the Jamison Family

There are rare cases when you have so much yet so little to write about. This is one of them. Facts of this mystery can be written in less than ten sentences yet one can write an entire book about all the unanswered questions and possible answers. This story starts in October 2009 when the Jamison family mysteriously vanished. Their disappearance was an open case until November, 2013 when their skeletal remains were found only to raise more questions. Cause of the family’s death was never determined and circumstances surrounding their disappearance remain a mystery.


Last Photo;
photo of Madyson found on Bobby's
phone prior to the disappearance

Jamisons were the average family from Eufaula, Oklahoma, US. The family consisted of father Bobby Dale Jamison, mother Sherilynn Leighann Jamison and daughter Madyson Stormy Star Jamison. The family was looking to purchase a land near Red Oak, Oklahoma when their mysterious disappearance was reported. After a few days into the investigation, their pickup truck was found abandoned in Latimer County, Oklahoma. The family’s dog was found in the car along with their IDs, wallets, mobile phones, GPS system and around $32,000 in cash. However, their bodies were not found and there were no definite clues to the case until 2013. In November, 2013 two hunters discovered two skeletal remains of adults and one of a child around the area where the family’s pickup truck had been abandoned. Although the remains were wildly presumed to be those of the Jamison family, it was not until July 3, 2014 that the officials confirmed the bodies belonged to the family. However, medical examiners could not conclude what was the cause of their death.

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When such inconclusive case happens, new internet obsession is born and different theories start to emerge. There are numerous theories online and surprisingly all of them are very convincing. When you scratch beneath the surface of this story, you can easily agree with police when they state that they have not been able to determent or eliminate anything. Therefore, all of the following theories remain a possibility.

The area of disappearance

Accident? Many believe that the simplest explanation is usually the one closest to the truth. Therefore, some theorize that the family simply wondered off, got lost and eventually died of hypothermia. In favor to this theory goes the fact that the area of their disappearance is prone to floods and can be very dangerous, especially in October. However their bodies were found strangely side by side. Furthermore, Jamisons’s friends and family say that if they are sure of anything at this point, then it is that their deaths were certainly not accidental claiming that Bobby was very competent outdoors. Sherilyn’s mother, Connie Kokotan, makes a good point as well to MailOnline: “There’s no way they just wandered off and got lost. […] The way their truck was left, it looks like it had been forced to stop by someone.” All of the family’s items have been left in the truck and it looks as if the truck suddenly just stopped. The whole scenario seems a bit off for it to be an accident, especially when you start exploring deeper.

A family member? According to, less than six months before their vanishing, the Jamison family was threatened with violence by one of their closest relatives. Bobby Jamison filed a petition in McIntosh County for a protective order claiming that his own father threatened him and his family in November 2008 and in April 2009. Bobby claimed that his father was involved with prostitutes, gangs and meth as well as that he thinks he is above the law. In May 2009, the protective order was dismissed after a judge heard testimony from those involved. In addition to filing the petition for protective order, Bobby Jamison was also suing his parents at the time of his disappearance claiming that he worked for free at one of his parents’ businesses and the his father owed him property and two vehicles. The lawsuit is still pending in Oklahoma County District Court. Bobby’s father, Bob Dean Jamison, died of natural causes in December 2009, two months after the family’s disappearance.
However, relatives of Jamisons do not believe Bobby’s parents were involved with their murder. They say that Bobby’s father was troubled at the time and that they had family issues but nothing that would lead to murder. Furthermore, after the Jamison family vanished, investigators were led to believe that Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison might have been scammers. They received disability checks and sued three people in Oklahoma County over a car accident in 2005.

Cult of white supremacists? The third theory suggests that the family might have been a victim of a cult dedicated to white supremacy. Apparently, Sherilyn who was of Indian origin was harassed by the mentioned cult. It resulted with Sherilyn pointing a gun at a man who was making disturbing racist comments towards her as well as mentioning he has links to neo-nazism. Moreover, family friend Nicki claimed that she received a strange call from a woman after the Jamisons disappeared. The woman told her that Sharilyn has been feuding with a cult called The United White Knights and that they had killed her and the rest.

Video still of a security camera footage
showing Sherilyn and Bobby
in a trance-like state.

Drug dealing? On top of all problems surrounding this family, next theory suggests drugs as well. Firstly, the area where they vanished has a reputation of drug dealing. Moreover it is reported that both Bobby and Sherilyn looked very skinny and lightheaded prior to their disappearance. In addition, they were also claiming that their house is possessed which could also be the effect of drug use. These events led some to believe drugs and possibly drug dealing was involved, meth in particular. That would explain the large amount of cash family had with them. However, during the investigation, police did not find any drugs in their home. Also, Jamison’s friends and family report that they were known for having large amounts of cash with them. If Bobby and Sherilyn were not involved in drug dealing, there is a possibility that they walked into one and simply knew too much. Furthermore, Bobby allegedly reported someone in the local area for running a meth lab.

Murder-suicide? This theory rounds it all up. With the troubles they have been facing, some theorize that the family simply had enough. Moreover, both Sherilyn and Bobby have suffered from depression throughout their lives. Sherilyn has fallen into severe depression in 2007 when her sister passed away and had to take medication for it. On the other hand, Bobby suffered an accident which left him with constant pains and eventually led him to depression as well. Another interesting fact fits in with this theory; the police found a spiteful letter written by Sherilyn to her husband in their abandoned car. Supposedly, the letter was full of hate and anger towards her husband. On top of that, her pistol was missing. However, the letter was later explained as Sherilyn’s form of therapy. Some say the family would never do such thing. Moreover, if the parents had issues between them, it would not concern their daughter.
Sherilyn wrote loving and happy messages over
devil-worshiping messages on this wreck of a car.

Paranormal? Last, but the strangest theory of all is the one claiming that it all happened due to paranormal phenomenon. The paranormal theory was sparked during the investigation when family pastor Gary Brandon stated during that the family was involved in spiritual warfare. Moreover, Bobby and Sherilyn told their pastor that they had seen spirits in their home. Some of their family and friends agree that the house might have haunted while others do not take it seriously. Niki, Sherilyn’s friend, reports that she felt horrible presence in the Jamison house. She also explained that she saw unexplainable grey mist in the living room descending from the stairs. It got to the point that Bobby consulted a Satanic Bible in order to try and get rid of the evil presence in their home. Furthermore, Sherilyn wrote positive and happy messages over devil-worshiping messages over a wreck of a car. Some believe this act might have upset someone in the area.

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These are just some of the most common theories; the internet is full of other ideas about what happened to the Jamison family. Some are even suggesting that they are in the witness protection program and that both their disappearance and death have been staged. At this point, anything could be considered a possibility. Hopefully, one day we will come to a conclusion to this mysterious story but something tells me it may remain one of those unsolved mysteries that people will be fascinated with and trying to figure out for a long time.

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