True Story Behind the Movie Haunting in Connecticut

When I was younger I remember watching a documentary that fascinated me so much that I watched it several times on repeat. The documentary told a story of a family who moves in to the house in Connecticut only to find out that their new home is haunted. It was few years later when a movie Haunting in Connecticut was released. This 2009 psychological horror film told the story of the same family with a bit more of a Hollywood aspect to it. Let’s put Hollywood to the side and take a look at what really happened within the walls of the allegedly haunted house in Connecticut.


The Snedeker family was quite a big family consisting of mother, father, three children and a cousin. All six of them decided to move to a small town of Southington, Conneticut in 1986 in order for them to be closer to a hospital at which the oldest son was being treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
While the family was moving, father, Al ran across a disturbing discovery in the basement. Apparently, the basement was sectioned into several rooms and one room in particular was quite strange. This room was filled with tables and different tools which lead to the realization that their new bought house was once a funeral home. Furthermore, the rooms in the basement eventually became bedrooms for two sons.
Quickly after the family moved in, they started experiencing unexplained phenomena; strange apparitions would be seen, items would disappear, voices and sounds could be heard as well as a smell of rotting flesh that could be sensed through the house. The apparitions were usually seen wearing a tuxedo. Furthermore, once while mother was mopping the floor, the water started turning into thick, dark red liquid.
Among this phenomena occurring, the oldest son started to exhibit radical personality shifts. He became withdrawn, angry and started writing poetry about necrophilia. During one of the episodes, he attacked his cousin and tried to rape her. This is when his family had him arrested and taken for an evaluation. Eventually, he was pronounced schizophrenic and was removed from the house until he seemed to get better.  Moreover, the now not only strange but also violent phenomena continued to occur. Reportedly, both Carmen (mother), her husband and her niece were repeatedly raped by paranormal entities.
When family hit what seemed to be a dead end, they turned to paranormal investigators and called famous Ed and Lorraine Warren to their home. The Warrens stayed at the house for several weeks and after experiencing and witnessing radical paranormal phenomenon, they deemed it necessary for an exorcism of a property. Allegedly, the exorcism cleared the property. The family lived in the house for two more years after the exorcism before they moved to Tennessee.

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According to Lorraine Warren, the movie was very loosely based on the actual events. The movie might have fabricated the story but the same as with any other paranormal phenomena, the question arises: Was the original story fabricated as well? I guess, we can blindly believe or cynically call them a fraud. 
Some think that it is no wonder a family experienced unexplained phenomenon with all the stress that has been bothering this family; both financial and health issues. Therefore, something somewhere just had to snap. Others claim that this was simply yet another shameless exploitation for money. However, writes that he came across the message board where two brothers posted that they have lived in the house in Connecticut and that the house is definitely haunted just not to the extent described by the Snedekers.
Much like with any other paranormal phenomenon, it is hard to conclude by saying the house is haunted or that the house is not haunted. The only truth is, let’s keep out minds open to both of these being a possibility.

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