White Eyed Children

Once you learn about Black Eyed Children and start to dig deeper, you might stumble upon similar type of beings called White Eyed Children. There is not as much information about white eyed children as there is about black eyed children and reports of encounters are much rarer as well. This might lead many to believe that white eyed children are just a spin off in the story of black eyed children while others, especially those who encountered them, claim that they are very real.

Instant similarities with black eyed children are their eyes. In this case their eyes are white without pupils or any other color to them, just sclera or white of the eye going across the entire eyes. Furthermore, their skin is usually described as very pale to the point of almost being translucent. Their hair is also reported to be very white and pale however many could not correctly remember the color and style of their hair. Unlike black eyed children who usually appear as 12 to 18 years old, white eyed children look as if they are of ages 5 to 13. Therefore, black eyed children might appear as teenagers while white eyed children generally look like kids. They also tend to be very petite; small, short and skinny.

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There are different reports of encounters with white eyed children but they all share some similarities. They are mostly seen in isolated or abandoned areas including woods, camp sites and other. Furthermore, encounters with them are more frequent around the Native American areas and there are lots of reports from Canada. Unlike black eyed children who might come in groups, white eyed children usually appear alone. Sometimes, but very rarely might they come as a duo. The encounter might start similar to black eyed children; knocking on your car window or your front door asking you for something. However, these cases are much rarer with white eyed children. They will more likely suddenly appear in your house when you least expect it and out of nowhere. They will just stand and stare at you in silence completely expressionless and motionless. Moreover, they do not feel as evil as black eyed children but instinctually, you will get the feeling that something is off. White eyed children are also known to have some type of mind control abilities. People report being strongly influenced by white eyes children and that it takes a lot to wrestle that feeling off. Communication with white eyed children is much different. Reportedly, instead of hearing their voice when they speak to you, you can feel their voice as if they are communicating telepathically. However, you are not aware that they are communicating telepathically with you; instead everything seems normal except the odd feeling. It is only once you either notice their white eyes or when they disappear in thin air, that you realize how impossible entire situation is. Strangely enough, people report seeing them hours or even days after the encounter just watching them. Sometimes they might even follow your vehicle and you might notice them anywhere staring at you. Moreover, they are known to leave trace behind them in the form of handprints. Many report finding strange handprints on their vehicle after the encounter.

White eyed children are mostly seen by older people. Therefore, some concluded that they might be some form of “messengers of death”. According to that theory, they come as a warning sign that soon someone is going to die. However, there have been encounters that do not necessarily fit into that theory. Much like with anything else paranormal, we are left without many answers. Who are they? What do they want? Why do they appear? Do they even exist in the first place? All of these questions still remain a mystery.

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