Haunted Dolls

When the topic of your research is paranormal, more than once will you ran into supposedly haunted dolls. Well, not literally run into them, at least not yet and hopefully not any time soon. But, back on topic, haunted dolls seem to intrigue paranormal enthusiasts more than any other object and the resources for haunted dolls seem to be endless with the new ones emerging as we speak. I have already written about some of them; Robert, Anabelle and Peggy. Apparently, there has to be something about dolls that freaks us out more than any other item.

A haunted doll is a doll or a stuffed animal thought to be cursed or possessed by supernatural forces. The earliest report of a haunted doll dates back to Egypt when the enemies of Ramses III attempted to murder him with a use of wax doll that resembles him. There have been numerous allegations of haunted dolls through history; from voodoo dolls, cursed dolls to possessed dolls. However, it was not until last few hundred years that people started to keep track of specific haunted dolls.


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Symptoms of a haunted doll are pretty much the same as for any other object or any other haunting for that matter; recognizing strange or unexplained events occurring in relation to an object, in this case, doll. The following might be some of the reported symptoms of a haunting:

  • Noticing unexplainable movements of a doll,
  • The doll in question might go missing and appear in the same or different place,
  • Feeling a presence or feeling a sensation of being watched by the doll,
  • Hearing sounds or voices coming from the doll,
  • Noticing animals behaving differently, mostly alert, around the doll,
  • Experiencing unknown physical contact in relation to a doll,
  • Electrical or appliance malfunction might occur,
  • Actually seeing an apparition that might relate to a doll.

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Haunted objects exhibit phenomenon similar to other allegedly possessed items. So, what is it about dolls in particular that they have become such a big part of paranormal community conquering all other objects? Maybe it has something to do with the fear of these humanoid objects. Apparently, pediophobia or a fear of dolls is quite a common type of phobia. Psychologists theorize that humans do not like non-living objects that resembles them. Our minds are confused by the nature of such objects thinking if one resembles human, one should act like a human. However, dolls do not fit into that category; they might look realistic but not quite and they certainly are not displaying expected human behavior. Although we might logically understand that a doll is simply an item created by people, the uncanny feeling stays. This feeling is only our mind trying to protect us from something perceived as different. When we perceive something as different, our brain immediately goes into defense mode leaving us with a sense of danger, fear or even repulsion within us so that we can appropriately act if needed to protect ourselves. Therefore, our mind just wants us to be careful with the unknown. Also, might I add that dolls might remind us of corpses which not only remind us of emotionally tragic losses but of times when the diseases were spread through improper disposal of bodies. Therefore, it is our natural impulse to stray away from it. When it comes to dolls in particular, we are also being preyed on an inner child within us. Children imagine their toys coming alive which might be fun but it might end up being a reason for a nightmare. Furthermore, the fear of dolls might occur when a person faces frightening or aggressive experiences concerning dolls. Therefore the same as with everything else, each person’s fears are result of its own life experience and perception of reality.

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