Mysterious Daylight in the Middle of the Night

The following is the true story which happened a few years back. Interestingly enough, the phenomena happened around the same time to both my friend and me. However, at the time we were physically separated by miles.

One hot summer, I woke up in the middle of the night and jut could not fall back to sleep again. It seemed it that was going to be one of those nights of tossing and turning for me. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere both the room and the outdoors were filled with blinding bright light. It was as if it was daylight in the middle of the night. The flash of mysterious daylight lasted for about a split second when it completely disappeared. I was lying in bed expecting a thunder or, basically anything that would satisfy the logical part of my brain. However, nothing happened; it wasn’t thundering, nothing. That is when I got out of the bed and went to the window to check the outside. As I gazed outside of my window, everything was peaceful and calm. There were no signs of storm and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. On the contrary, the night was surprisingly calm and peaceful. It was almost unusual.
Several miles away from me, my friend was asleep. Neither of us can surely confirm that it was the same night but it was most definitely the same summer. In continuation, she woke up in the middle of the night as well. However, what she woke up to was a loud noise as if there was an airplane crash nearby. The destructive noise was followed by a big bright light which lit up both her room and the outdoors. She claims the experience lasted for only a split second as well. After the occurrence, she found herself in confusion. Therefore, she decided to go and check what is happening outside. As she was approaching her bedroom window, she looked outside only to find that everything was very peaceful as if nothing had occurred. 
A few months later the fall was coming and my friend and I got together after a month of separation. As we were just randomly chatting, she was the one who started to retell her experience first. I could not believe my ears. It was the exact same story as mine except with one difference; I did not hear any sound with light. As my friend was explaining her experience, she said that she actually took it upon herself to search for nearby plane crashes or any possible rational explanations, but there was absolutely nothing what could explain the event. She claims, she might have imagined the entire occurrence while in hypogognic state in her sleep and she is right. We might have imagined it and all of it is just a bizarre coincidence. Furthermore, I tried to search for similar experiences but could not find any. I also tried to look for an explanation but failed. The only possible logical explanation for the occurrence would be dream combined with coincidence. The truth is, I do not know.

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