Mandy, Canada's Most Famous Haunted Doll

Back in 1991, creepy looking doll by the name of Mandy was donated to the Quesnel Museum in Canada. Soon after, the museum staff started experiencing series of unexplained events; mysterious footsteps were heard when no one was around; items would go missing; electronics would malfunction; staff’s launches would disappear and would later be found in a drawer and many more. Once, when the doll was left alone, the staff found paper towels thrown all around the room. It did not take long for Mandy to gain the reputation of Canada's most famous haunted doll.

But why would someone donate the doll to the museum in the first place? The truth is, strange occurrences were happening around Mandy even before the museum became her home. According to, Mandy was made between 1910 and 1920 in either Germany or England. She was owned by a lady named Mereanda who also donated the doll to the museum due to the reason that it made her anxious among other happenings. Allegedly, the woman would hear a baby crying in the basement where the doll was kept. Once the doll was removed from the house and put in the museum, the crying mysteriously stopped. Furthermore, Mandy could not be kept with other dolls because she would “harm” them. The full background of the doll is unknown. However, there was a story suggesting that a little girl died in a basement with the doll. Eventually, the owner had enough and decided to donate the doll.

Once the doll was brought to the museum, visitors started complaining about uneasiness when looking at the doll as if something is very wrong with it. Also, the photographs taken of the doll would either not turn out or would have strange anomalies on them including blurred pictures and light anomalies. Furthermore, batteries are known to be completely drained in the presence of Mandy among different electronic malfunctions around the doll. Some even claim they have noticed her move without any possible reason; her eyes would blink or follow people around and there are reports of her fingers moving on their own as well. Moreover, Mandy would move around oh her own to different display cases. Eventually, Mandy was placed further back in the museum and a psychic was brought to investigate. The psychic concluded that Mandy was inhabited by something or someone who was suffering from much abuse. There are theories suggesting what or who it may be that inhabits the doll however, none of these theories are proven. Nowadays, the museum continues to be Mandy’s permanent residence. She still continues to cause different unexplained happenings.

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