Kada govorimo o paranormalnim pojavama u Hrvatskoj, gotovo je nemoguce zaboraviti ukletu kucu o kojoj cemo istrazivati u ovom videu. Naime, radi se o jednoj od najpoznatijih ukletih kuca na podrucju Hrvatske. PRICA Izvor: Google Maps Ova danas napustena kuca nalazi se u Skrinjarima, malenom mjestascu smjestenom na samoj granici Koprivnicko-Krizevacke i Zagrebacke Zupanije u sastavu opcine Sveti Ivan Zabno.  Prije nego sto je izgradena danasnja takozvana najstrasnija kuca u Hrvatskoj, na ovom prostoru nalazila se jedna sasvim druga kuca izgradena 50-ih godina proslog stoljeca. Uz tu prvu kucu nisu se vezala apsolutno nikakva neobicna dogadanja. Radilo se o jednom sasvim obicnom obiteljskom domu. Kuca svoj strasan ugled dobiva tek krajem 70-ih te pocetkom 80-ih godina proslog stoljeca. Tada se obitelj odlucila odselilti, a kucu su stavili na prodaju. Novi vlasnik je cijelo imanje poklonio svom sinu na dar. Odlucili su srusiti staru kucu te na istom podrucju sagraditi n

100th Post! + 25 Favorite Horror Movies

It is an achievement in every bloggers life once they hit their 100th post. After all, it is your own personal accomplishment to manage and keep writing until we hit that big number! I'm truly grateful to everybody who follows my blog and keeps reading, thank you so much! In continuation, I have decided to share some my favorite horror movies so that this 100th post won't be plain and boring with me rambling about how happy I am for my 100th post! 01. The Shining (1980) One of my absolute favorite horror movies of all time. Based on Stephen King's novel; this movie is about a family that heads to an isolated hotel for the winter. What happens next? All I'm going to say is that there is a creepy lady in the bathroom is still giving me the shivers. If you have seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. If you have not, it is time that you watch it.  02. The Exorcist (1973) The Exorcist is by far the biggest

5 Best Photos of Spirit Photography

With a development of technology, communication with the other side is no longer limited to Ouija boards and seances. Nowadays, one can simply snap a picture on their phone camera and, if you are lucky or unlucky, ghost might pop up in the background. However, spirit photography is not a new phenomenon; it dates back to the 19th century. It is safe to say that since the early days, fraud was very common when it came to paranormal; spirit photography included. Nowadays, not much had changed. Majority of ghost photos found online are completely fake, created for fun purposes. In the sea of frauds, it is getting harder to tell which photos are real and which ones are fake. Therefore, spirit photographs used in this article are ones with the most credibility; either for their back stories or their longevity and popularity. Spirit photography is a type of photography whose main goal is to attempt to capture images of spirits as well as other paranormal entities. Spirit photography was f

Eating Cabbage Brings Luck? - 20 Valentine's Day Superstitions

Let's put a little bit of a lighter tone on this blog - Valentine's Day! Well, Valentine's Day superstitions, that is. Much like any other Holiday that exists, Valentine's Day is no stranger to superstitions. Most of magical beliefs surrounding this holiday are centered around love. So, if you are interested in finding out who will your future spouse will be or what your current partner truly thinks of you, check out the list bellow. Also, keep in mind these are just superstitions and purely for fun! VALENTINE'S DAY SUPERSTITIONS Source: 01. To be awoken by a kiss on Valentine's Day brings you good luck! 02. The very first man or woman's name you read or hear on Valentine's Day will be the name of the person you will marry. 03. Write down the names of your sweethearts on pieces of paper, attach them to clay balls and than drop the balls into water. The first name that surface is the name of your future husband. 04. If you fin

Favorite Paranormal YouTube: Brooke Houts

February's favorite paranormal YouTube channel goes to Brooke Houts !  Brooke started her YouTube channel in February of 2014. Since then she has grown to over 230,000 subscribers.  Her channel mostly consists of personal and humorous vlogs and storytime videos with, of course, some really interesting paranormal videos. Brooke's Ouija Board videos are specifically my favorite on her channel.  FAVORITE PARANORMAL VIDEOS *REAL* Ouija Board Challenge (Satan answers) In the following video, Brookes decides to play an Ouija Board with her friend at an abandoned building. What makes this video stand out from the ocean of Ouija Board videos found online is that the board kept spelling the letters S, A, T. As Brooke's friend cleverly put it, it was not going to spell Santa .  GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA *NOT CLICKBAIT* (Ouija Board Challenge 2) As it appears from the first and the second video, Brooke and her friend seem not to have luck with an Ouija Board. Their s

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) - Is It Really Paranormal?

<< EVP - BRIEF HISTORY << EVP - DEFINITION & CLASSIFICATION Now we ask an old age question that comes along with anything unexplained; is it really paranormal? Believers theorize that it might be of a paranormal origin while debunkers are trying to find possible rational explanation for EVP. In the following text, we will discuss several theories on what an EVP could be, where could it come from therefore if the mysterious audio originates from beyond the grave or are we simply failing to see something rational. VOICES OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE PASSED AWAY This is the most popular theory for the recordings which contain mysterious and unexplained sounds and voices. This theory is so popular that a lot of researchers who investigate ghost phenomenon use EVP as a way of communicating with people who have crossed over.  VOICES OF ANGELS AND DEMONS Second theory is similar to the first one; receiving messages from other worlds. However, this theory suggests that some

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) - Brief History

<< DEFINITION & CLASSIFICATION THOMAS EDISON & THE EVP The idea of recording a ghost voice was first introduced in 1920's when Thomas Edison himself tried to invent a machine that would communicate with the dead. Edison believed that our personality might survive the death of the body as well as that we might be able to record something otherworldly only if we could create a delicate enough machine. Obviously, Edison never succeeded in his invention, but his idea lives on. Source: OVER A HUNDRED SPIRIT RECORDINGS One of the early enthusiasts in recording ghost voices was an American photographer, Attila von Szalay. His attempts begun in the late 1930's, than continued through 1940's as well as 1950's. He had recorded many sounds and voices through years of his research. Although many argued mysterious voice recordings were actually random radio broadcasts that were accidentally picked up, this criticism was quickly and easi