5 Best Photos of Spirit Photography

With a development of technology, communication with the other side is no longer limited to Ouija boards and seances. Nowadays, one can simply snap a picture on their phone camera and, if you are lucky or unlucky, ghost might pop up in the background. However, spirit photography is not a new phenomenon; it dates back to the 19th century. It is safe to say that since the early days, fraud was very common when it came to paranormal; spirit photography included. Nowadays, not much had changed. Majority of ghost photos found online are completely fake, created for fun purposes. In the sea of frauds, it is getting harder to tell which photos are real and which ones are fake. Therefore, spirit photographs used in this article are ones with the most credibility; either for their back stories or their longevity and popularity.

Spirit photography is a type of photography whose main goal is to attempt to capture images of spirits as well as other paranormal entities. Spirit photography was first used in the 1860s by William H. Mumler who had accidentally discovered this technique. On one of his photographs, Mumler had taken a picture of only himself but, upon reviewing of the photo, there were two people captured. Mumler eventually found out it was actually double exposure. However, he had also discovered that there was a market for spirit photography and started working as a medium afterwards. His fraud was eventually discovered. Mumler was not the only one who had figured out how to profit from spirit photography; there were numerous other people who had done exactly the same.

Nowadays, our gadgets brought the spirit photography back. As it appears, in modern day, anyone can capture an image of a ghost. However, as all of us know, most of them are a result of Photoshop and other trickery. You be the judge!

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