100th Post! + 25 Favorite Horror Movies

It is an achievement in every bloggers life once they hit their 100th post. After all, it is your own personal accomplishment to manage and keep writing until we hit that big number! I'm truly grateful to everybody who follows my blog and keeps reading, thank you so much! In continuation, I have decided to share some my favorite horror movies so that this 100th post won't be plain and boring with me rambling about how happy I am for my 100th post!

One of my absolute favorite horror movies of all time. Based on Stephen King's novel; this movie is about a family that heads to an isolated hotel for the winter. What happens next? All I'm going to say is that there is a creepy lady in the bathroom is still giving me the shivers. If you have seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. If you have not, it is time that you watch it. 

The Exorcist is by far the biggest classic in the sub-genre of exorcism horror movies. One particular scene from this movie is also used for jumpscares all over the internet. It took a while for me to actually watch this movie since I felt like I needed to mentally prepare myself for horrors waiting a had.

03. Dead End (2003)
Probably the most underrated horror movie in my opinion. In short, it's about a family that decides to take a shortcut on their trip to their family. Taking shortcuts in horror movies? Never a good idea.

04. The Ring Franchise (since 2002)

The Ring managed to quickly take a place as a classic in horror movie genre. It also managed to make us be scared of little girl ghosts and our own phones. As a Kid, I loved that movie and as an adult, I actually still think it is a great movie!

05. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
Based on a true story, The Exorcism of Emily Rose is one of my favorite exorcism movies of all time. It is still shocking to think what that girl went through. 

06. Rosemary's Baby (1968)

The first time I saw Rosemary's Baby was a pure accident. It was one of those moments: "Let's see what's this movie all about!" Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Also, it made me a bit less trusting of my neighbors. 

07. Carrie (1976)

All I'm going to say - Do not mess with a shy, friendless teenage girls, not ever.

Is it science fiction; is it a horror movie? No one can ever truly tell. However, that duality might be just one of the reasons for the franchise's success! Also, when I was a kid, I loved playing and pretending I'm Ripley Allen. 

09. Predator Franchise (since 1989)
Another movie about extraterrestrials, but with these outerspace beings, agreement is achieved much easier; just try not to carry any weapons around them and somehow try not to have a pretty skull.

10. Halloween Franchise (since 1978)

A classic horror movie that cannot go unmentioned. Besides the immortal Michael Myers and his killer mask, the most memorable moment from Halloween is definitely the music.

11. The Omen (1976, 2006)
The original movie is better, everyone said. Truthfully, I like almost equally both the 1976 original and 2006 remake. Watch both and decide which scene with the babysitter screaming: It's all for you! is better. 

12. Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise (since 1984)
Nightmare on the Elm Street was one of my favorite horror movies as a kid. However, it was not until recently that I came across an article stating the idea for the movie was based on a true story. 

13. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The first hand-held camera movie that I have ever seen and the one that genuinely scared me when I was younger. At the time, The Blair Witch Project was promoted as completely true and candid. Nowadays, it shows how little it takes to mess with human psychology. 

14. As Above So Bellow (2014)

The Paris' catacombs hold just too many interesting secrets in this movie for me to completely ignore it. 

15. The Others (2001)
Another movie that captured my attention during my childhood. This movie appears to be a classic haunted house movie. But is it, is it really?

16. The Orphan (2009)

You are probably not going to guess the main mystery of this movie, describes The Orphan the best.

17. The Amityville Franchise (since 1979)

Allegedly based on a true story of one of the most famous haunted houses in the entire world; the Amityville house. Besides the original, my favorite movie from the franchise must be Amityville 3-D because I watched it all the time with a friend during our childhood.

18. The Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

This South Korean movie cleverly portrays one family's tragedies. It will misguide you and it might confuse you, but it will be an interesting ride!

19. The Babadook (2014)

This one will make you wonder if the monster is real. It can't be real, right? But what if it is. In short, if you love psychological horrors, you will love The Babadook. 

20. Poltergeist (1982)

When a lovely family moved into a new house, little did they know that TVs could be so creepy since The Ring was not released just yet. Furthermore, the skeletons used in this movie are actually real. To make Poltergeist even creepier, the movie is loosely based on actual events. Not creepy enough? Lots of crew members involved in making the movie faced unlucky series of events after filming Poltergeist. That about does it.

Based on true events, a family experiences paranormal phenomenon in their new home. The story was first brought to my attention through a documentary, therefore, I was more than eager to watch the movie ever since it was announced. 

22. The Skeleton Key (2005)
In my opinion, this movie deserves a lot more recognition. The Skeleton Key dares to be a little bit different while keeping the classic spookiness of horror movies. Also, be prepared to look at grandmas and grandpas a little bit different. 

23. Insidious Franchise (since 2010)

One of the best horror movie franchises of 2010s so far. Insidious introduced the concept of astral travel to the modern day horror films. Furthermore, Insidious takes the bill for their idea and representation of the afterlife. 

24. Oculus (2013)
Trying to prove supernatural phenomenon exists is never an easy taks and this movie is a proof of that. 

25. Gremlins Franchise (since 1984)
It would not be fully my list had I not put Gremlins in since it truly marked my childhood. Who wouldn't want to have Gizmo? Well, I can actually think of several people. 

Thanks for a 100th read!


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