The Black Stick Man

Among shadow people, black eyed children and white eyed children; there is another type of paranormal entity which belongs to a bit more modern folklore. In today's article, I would like to introduce you to The Black Stick Man; another mysterious being people claim to have seen.

The very first time, I discovered the idea of the Black Stick Man was in an article on where they discussed top 10 bizarre modern paranormal phenomenon. Although, Black Stick Man never really reached the popularity as other paranormal beings, he was placed on an honorable third place on and above him were only the famous Black Eyed Children and Shadow People. Therefore, this mysterious creature deserves a place on this blog.


Encounters with the Black Stick Man are apparently known to be relatively common and share lots of similarities with those with Shadow People and Slenderman. Firstly, most of the encounters happen either on the side of the roads or at abandoned and secluded areas as if they do not wish to be seen. Their appearance is exactly what their name says; black stick figures. They might be best described as children drawings of a person. Therefore, they are very lean, black, humanoid figures without any bodily or facial features. Their gender is mostly undefined. However, their height ranges from very small to very tall. Upon encountering a Black Stick Man, the air is reportedly charged with static and the atmosphere is filled with pressure. However, these mysterious beings would quickly disappear once seen in a very smooth almost gliding way. Therefore, they are not as threatening as some other paranormal entities (ex. Black Eyed Children). Instead, they are mostly indifferent to humans unless they are provoked. However, even them they are reported to only give the feeling of aggravation as if they are annoyed rather than to evoke feelings of dread or fear. Sometimes, but very rarely, people report that these beings would follow them. Furthermore, there are not any reports of people being harmed by them.

One Reddit user claims to have a pretty interesting experience with these beings. Allegedly, the black stick man followed him all throught his childhood until he was nine years old. It was years later that the witness found out about black stick man and the being that followed him fit the description. Another Reddit user claims to have seen a black stick man a size of a teen by the end of the road at around 4:30 in the morning. Only half an hour later, at around 5:00 am he witnessed another one; only this one was tall as an adult, had red eyes and appeared to be angry at the witness.

Now, are they real or not? I guess we cannot tell for sure. The truth is, I have never encountered such being making it hard for be to believe it. However, I do know how it feels when a person experiences something and no one believes them; it can be pretty aggravating. Therefore, I'll always choose the middle ground; stay skeptical, but believe that while there is smoke, there is fire.

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