The Haunted Wedding Dress

Several haunted objects have been mentioned on this blog before with haunted dolls covering most of the haunted objects category. Aside from dolls, there are numerous objects that are allegedly haunted; from mirrors, to chairs and clothing; a haunted wedding dress to be more exact. The allegedly haunted wedding dress is thought to be one of the most haunted pieces of clothing today. 

The story of a haunted wedding dress starts in 1849. A young girl from a wealthy family, Anna Baker, fell in love with a boy who was not from a wealthy family. Although the couple was very happy together, Anna's family did not approve their relationship. However, Anna was so in love that she did not care; she started to plan a wedding and even got a wedding dress. Unfortunately, her father in particular did not want his daughter to marry a boy from lower class and situation got so heated that he eventually forbid his daughter to ever see that boy again. Since than, Anna lived a lonely and bitter life. She never fell in love with anyone and died alone in 1914.
Later on, another girl got married in Anna's dress and, since 1922 until present day, her wedding dress is kept in Baker Mansion, now a Blair county museum located in Pennsylvania. 

People started to think that the wedding dress might be haunted when it started to move on its own. It is said that when the wedding dress moves on its own, it appears as if the dress is dancing. Furthermore, the display glass in which the dress is safely kept, would sometimes shake on its own. People report other strange phenomenon occurring in a Baker Mansion; from footsteps, unexplained noises and even music playing. It is believed that the spirit of Anna Baker but also spirit of her brother and her other family members are haunting their old home. Therefore, the Baker Mansion became a hot spot for many paranormal lovers and researchers. If anyone goes there and catches a glimpse of paranormal phenomenon, let us know!

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