Haunted House Near Lovran, Croatia

The following is a story about the allegedly haunted house located on the cliff near the small town of Lovran in Croatia. The house has been thought of as haunted for a few decades now with numerous stories circulating around. 

In the beginning, the house was actually a hotel whose dark history started very early after it was established. In 1912., a man cut his wife's throat in a hotel and committed suicide afterwards by jumping off the cliff. Several years later, in 1923., arson happened. The hotel went up in flames over night. Allegedly, the fire was started by owners themselves in order to get insurance money. Further history of the hotel gets even darker. Allegedly, during the World War Second, a woman was tortured and killed there. After the World War Second had ended, two more woman suffered the same faith.  
After a while, a family bought a house and decided to renovate it. Unfortunately, everything had turned against them with several strange events occurring. The now most popular event happened when a twister destroyed the house's roof. Strangely, no other houses or buildings were affected by the twister. Quickly afterwards, the new owner got sick and passed away. Next owner died of a sudden decease as well. 
The house's bad reputation continued to rise when allegedly Czech tourists died in a house. One stormy night, tourists decided to take shelter in a house. Sadly, the house was struck by a lightning and they passed away.  
One of the most famous stories circulating around involves an affair. A man and his lover went to the then already abandoned house when they heard strange noises coming from upstairs. It sounded as if the party was happening on the floor above them; laughter and loud sounds of dishes. They quickly escaped the house and got into their car. However, the car would start but it would not move forward. Instead, it started moving backwards, dragging them down the cliff. Just when they thought their lives will soon be over, the lightning struck the house and the car started operating normally and moving forwards.  
At one point, a man by the name of Borivoj Bukva, decided to investigate the house. He said he was given three clear signs to get out of there which he listen to. He also said that the house will not be at peace until a foreigner becomes it's owner and until it starts serving its purpose of hospitality and tourism again. Interestingly enough, the current owners are actually foreigners and the house is functioning for tourism purposes! However, unfortunately, the current owner inherited a house from his father who suffered premature death as well as the other owners; he passed away in a car accident. Certainly strange...

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