Mysterious T-Shirt & Appearing Object Phenomenon (I'm Not Even Kidding)

Ok, so, this is a crazy one. I distinctly remember that I mentioned once on this blog that there are periods in my life when unexplained things would happen. Well, it's that time again! It all happened prior to Paranormal Experiences with my Roommate Part II post. It was probably the very first unexplained phenomenon of the current paranormal period happening in my life. The truth is, I'm sharing this story only now because I thought this event is just way too unreal and crazy even for me. However, it is a strange thing that happened in my life; therefore, it deserves a spot on this blog. 

Photo of the actual
mysterious t-shirt in question
One sunny day, my roommate decided to do laundry; it was the day for washing all white clothes. Once the washing machine was done, she pulled out clothes and noticed a t-shirt which wasn't hers. It was a white t-shit with three cute ghosts and a quote: "Life is too short to wear boring clothes." Naturally, she came to tell me that she accidentally washed my t-shirt. However, that t-shirt wasn't mine. So, this is where the t-shirt mystery started in our household. We went on to a mission to ask all our friends that stayed at our place if the t-shirt in question is theirs. However, as you probably guessed it, the t-shirt belonged to nobody. How in the world was that t-shirt in our washing machine? Stuff appearing out of thin air, that's just crazy! 

Majority of us have experienced Disappearing Object Phenomenon at some point in our lives, but Appearing Object Phenomenon? That's even harder to google. There is so little information about this phenomenon which only adds to the mystery.

Disappearing object phenomenon is pretty much self-explanatory. It is a phenomenon when a person cannot find an object which should be at a specific place. The missing object is known to later appear at a random place. Cases of disappearing object phenomenon are very common and they usually have quite rational explanations with a few truly unexplained exceptions. However, what if the opposite happens? What if an unknown object appears in your home? In this case, a t-shirt; a t-shirt with ghosts on them to be exact.

According to my knowledge of paranormal this would fit into the category of materialization or, possibly, reality shifting. Materialization was mostly used during seances in the early 20th century when alleged mediums would materialize either objects or a spirit of the deceased. However, majority of materialization cases have been proven exposed and proven a fraud. As mentioned, our second possible paranormal explanation would be reality shifting which is basically only a modern and wider category for materialization. 

Reality shift is a term created to describe events of manifestation of objects appearing, vanishing, transforming or transporting. This term also includes synchronicity, changes in the way we perceive time as well as alterations of physical reality without apparent physical cause. Although, this experience would fit into reality shifting category, reality shifting in itself is such a wide category making it pretty hard to get to the core of the certain situation. 

In conclusion, according to paranormal, t-shirt either materialized or transferred from somewhere else. The most important questions: Why, How and Who did it, remain unanswered so far. Ah, the unexplained ways of paranormal. What in the world are we missing that we cannot grasp it?

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