Old Hag Phenomenon: An Apparition Seen by Other Person While Awake?

A few weeks back, I was on a YouTube spree and I ended up watching a tone of paranormal storytimes. One, in particular, captured my attention. In a video, a girl by the YouTube name Leah Gordone talks about already terrifying enough experience; an old hag syndrome. However, there in a twist in Leah's story which captured my attention.

Source: pixabay.com
To start with, an old hag (also known as night hag) is a phenomenon which is usually experienced while an individual is either falling asleep or waking up. During the experience, an individual will hallucinate an apparition standing near their bed or sitting on top of them. An apparition will mostly look like a shadowy figure of a person, sometimes wearing cloak or a hat (usually a fedora, a witch hat or a hoodie). People report being unable to breathe properly during these experiences; especially if an apparition is sitting on top of their chest. Old had syndrome is usually accompanied with sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a condition when an individual's mind wakes up but their body stays asleep leaving them unable to move. The experience only lasts for few minutes but people report it feels like hours.
Old hag experience certainly has its scientific explanation nowadays, but the following video raised an interested question; What if another individual, the one who is awake, witnesses the same apparition? That's exactly what is explained in the following video.

It all started with Leah's roommate who had a tendency to talk in her sleep. However, as time progressed, Leah's roommate's talking turned into screaming; yelling at someone to stop. After a while, Leah confronted her roommate. The girl explained she has been experiencing sleep paralysis and old hag phenomenon. "Someone is holding me down while I sleep." - she said. Several nights later, Leah woke up in the middle of the night only to see something laying on her roommate. Naturally, she got confused and scared. Quickly after, her roommate woke up screaming and panicking. Since then, Leah has been occasionally experiencing old hag phenomenon as well.

So, what could have happened here? Maybe Leah was simply influenced by her roommate and hallucinated the whole thing or was it actually something else; something still beyond our understanding? What's common here with majority of other paranormal stories is that Leah says that she feels like nobody believes her yet she is still so sure she witnessed something otherworldly. Watch for yourself and allow yourself to make your own opinion!

Leah Gordon, YouTube


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