Rainbow Children

Rainbow children are known as the third generation of special star children. Star children are believed to be new types of humans who were born in order to change the world for the better. They are very imaginative and creative; have a very high positive energy; deliver different yet wise ideas and opinions; report various experiences with paranormal and they simply stand out as different in society. First generation of star children noticed were famous indigo children. Indigos were followed by crystal children and the third generation is just beginning to arrive; they are named rainbow children and are believed to the the builders of a new world.


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As mentioned, they are being born today (2010s) and are yet to be born in the future, however there are exceptions who were born prior to 2010s. It is believed that crystal children, a generation which rainbows follow, are their parents. Moreover, majority of them are thought to be incarnated on this planet for the first time meaning their souls have never lived on this planet before. Therefore, they are being born onto this Earth straight from God's pure light. This means they have no karma to work on while living on Earth which allows them to choose any type of life they wish. This is why majority of them live in pretty functional families rather than chaotic ones; there is no need to choose a dysfunctional family since they do not have karmic lessons to be learned. Since rainbows are being born straight from God's light and love, they are at their spiritual peak. This makes them the best possible role model so far to follow in order to change the world for the better. They the embodiment of our divinity and the example of our true potential. 


A rainbow child can be noticed by a very high positive energy they display; higher than any other star child. They show enthusiasm for life and over everything in life. Although their enthusiasm might be confused with hyperactivity, it is visibly true and it can recognized as such through their display of both joy and serenity, simultaneously. Therefore, their high energy is not overplayed instead it simply is. This can be seen through their families as they are usually the ones bringing their families joy and harmony. 

Even if their positive energy is somehow threatened by unpleasant emotions, they will recover from it pretty quickly and continue to smile. They manage to do so by looking at the world from the highest perspective; they do not define people by just one situation or event instead they will see your life as a whole, understand your position and even adapt to it. They are very forgiving and will always forgive due to the reason that it is not within their nature to be angry or hold grudges. Even if there is a misunderstanding with a rainbow child which ends up unsolved, know that rainbows ultimately always forgive. They simply cannot do it other way. On the contrary, any kindness given to a rainbow child will return to you tenfold. 

Furthermore, another thing that will make rainbows stand out in this world is their ability to be fearless. They might come off as if they are careless, however the truth is, they are absolutely openhearted which makes them simply fearless to situations, events or people majority of society does. They love unconditionally and fear no one. Luckily, even if they adapt to the world, their strong wills and personalities will eventually always lead them back to the path of universal love.

As all of the star children, rainbows are very creative which might be shown through different creative outlets (painting, music, writing, design etc.) When rainbows are doing something creative, they are very passionate about it and some might even choose it as their career path. Moreover, they  are specifically attuned to colors. Sometimes, the phenomenon of synesthesia might be present in their lives. Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to another automatic and involuntary experience in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. For example, rainbows might see the colors while thinking about days of the week (Monday might be blue, Tuesday might be yellow, Wednesday might be pink and so on). The experiences with synesthesia vary from one individual from the other. Rainbows in particular are believed to be very attuned to color vibration.

On the more mystical note, rainbows, like all the other star children, are very prone to having paranormal experiences. They are very telepathic and will show signs of several psychic abilities. Furthermore, rainbows are thought to be natural healers. Another astonishing trait concerns rainbows ability to process junk food. While majority of people might suffer consequences from eating unhealthy, rainbows are believed to be immune to it.

Rainbows are known to be the masters of manifestation; another thing that comes completely natural to them. They are believed to be able to instantly manifest whatever they wish. As they adapt to this world, creative yet positive rainbows will create their own arsenal of defense mechanisms instead of searching for the answers outside of them. They naturally know that they are in control of things happening in their lives and further. This happens because they are very aware of their thoughts and understand them very well. Therefore, they are able to pull out of any possible harmful thoughts pretty easy. 

Such attitude towards life makes them be able to change the world. Rainbows understand that giving ultimately brings more happiness than receiving but that it is not selfish to receive instead we are helping others to be happy. They naturally understand the way this sustainable circle of service works. This is how they are slowly changing the world for the better; one good deed at a time.


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