Angel Hugs

Have you ever felt a hug without seeing who is hugging you? Was this experience so incredibly wonderful and blissful that you are really hopping it will happen again? Well, there is a chance you were hugged by an angel!

Angel’s hugs are reported quite often. Most likely they will occur when a person is in need of comfort. However, there are also reports of this phenomenon in the moments of high relaxation. That is when we are extremely open and susceptible. Therefore, you might feel an angel hug while daydreaming, meditating, sleeping or when in hypnogognic state. These hugs feel different than your average hug. They are very warm and comfortable. When experiencing an angel hug, people feel the most wonderful feeling of unconditional love. Some people report the feeling of tickling or tingling during these experiences. Interestingly, regardless the fact that you are just being hugged by something you can't see, you will not be afraid. The feeling of love is just so strong that all fears just vanish. 

Some believe that these mysterious hugs could also be delivered by people who passed away. Maybe our loved one just wanted to comfort us. The difference between an angel hug and the spirit hug is that when hugged by a spirit, people can usually identify who is hugging them. There might be other signs pointing to their loved ones or they will simply know that it was their friend or a relative. Also, spirit hugs feel more present as if you can feel someone else being there with you. 

In conclusion, not all paranormal experiences are necessarily scary. Not only that they are not always scary, some of them are actually pretty wonderful to experience. Ever in need of a hug? Just ask your angels!

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