Cleansing Your Home

When talking about paranormal, we have to mention the process of cleansing. People in different cultures have been doing this for years. Your home doesn't necessary has to be haunted for you to do it. Cleansing a home is good for so many reasons. Sometimes we just want to get rid of the uncomfortable atmosphere after an argument, an illness, break up or even just if you want that feeling of a fresh start. Furthermore, cleansings are recommended if you are moving into a new space or if your roommate or anyone who used to live with you moves out. Tricks which I use for cleansing are all pretty simple. They can be used separately, in different combinations or all together.


Firstly, it is very important to clean up your home and get rid of clutter. Once I read something pretty awesome; if you haven't worn a shirt for over six months, you don't need it. The truth is, we own so many things we don't need and what we are creating is a useless and stale energy. This type of energy creates a feeling of stagnation in our life and it prevents us from taking action. Moreover, I'm a firm believer that everything has a purpose and your shirt is not an exception. Therefore, if the shirt isn't serving its purpose, what's the point of it? Let your creativity flow and give your shirt a purpose. If you don't want to wear it anymore, think economically and sustainably. If the shirt is in a good condition, donate it to charity. Not only are you cleansing your home but you're helping others as well! That's a win-win. If the shirt is in a bad condition and you feel as if it wouldn't be appropriate to donate it, think about what else you can do with it. May be you could use it as a rag for cleaning or use the material to create a unique handmaid bag. Just let your creativity flow!


In this day and age, we frequently forget to open the blinds and open windows. At least once a day try to ventilate your home. Just open the windows to let the sun and fresh air enter your home. You will sense an enormous difference just by this one action. 


When cleansing your home it's always good to ask angels to step in. You can ask Archangel Michael to pitch in as well. He is a specialist when it comes to clearing negative energies. Many people get confused as to how to talk to angels and the reason why so many of us get confused is because it's just too simple. You simply ask them to help you clear the energy in your home and that's it. You can say it silently or out loud, it doesn't matter, they will hear you.


Having a positive attitude will fill any space with high vibrating positive energy. In order to get to that peaceful state, you should be very honest with yourself. Deal with your feelings and different situations that appear on your path as much as possible. It's helpful to keep a journal so that you can see what your thoughts and actions are like in certain situations. That way you will get a clearer picture of how thoughts, emotions and actions are related and it will make it easier for you to understand yourself and love yourself. Always remember that perception is reality and we are free and ABLE to create the reality we wish to live in thought our thoughts, emotions and actions. 


This might be a bit far stretched for some since there is no scientific evidence about it but what if you were about to take a glass of water say around it: "I am a happy person." and then drink it. There must be a reason why holy water is prayed over. Furthermore, salt is believed to have protective properties. Therefore mixing salt and water and praying over it, saying positive affirmations or whatever you feel comfortable will create powerful tool with cleansing properties. You can sprinkle water thought your home and pour some of it on the doorstep.  


Candles illuminate the space and give it warmth. White candles in particular are good for cleansing spaces. Simply light the candle in a room you wish to cleanse or in all the rooms if you wish to cleanse your entire home. Feel free to pray or send happy thoughts over it and simply let the candle entirely burn on its own.


Sage is one of the most common cleansing tools and it's generally used in smudging which means cleansing the space with so with smoke. Burn the sage and let the fire stop on its own so that it starts smoking. It is believed you should start in the kitchen and then move from room to room clockwise. In each room you should smudge from left to right (clockwise) and especially over the windows and doors. Feel free to say a prayer while smudging, ask angels for help or use positive visualizations or affirmations. Once you're done, put the remaining burning sage in a bowl filled with salt. If you wish to stop the burning quicker, you can gently pat sage on the salt.


If you are good with visualizations this could be a great technique for you. Open your mind to positive thoughts and images. Imagine your home slowly being filled with refreshing white light, room by room. Use this technique with other techniques as well; it will make them as twice as effective!

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