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This seems to be quite a popular topic when it comes to paranormal. There are numerous stories about Ouija board ending badly. It is important to understand that majority of these stories are fake. However, there is a pretty good amount of experiences which seem to be valid. So, let's take a look at this infamous board designed to summon spirits.


For some Ouija board is a game, while for others, it is a divination tool. The main purpose of the board is to communicate with the spirit realm. It was first commercially introduced in the 19th century with the boom of spiritualism. Ouija board is a flat board with letters in alphabetical order, numbers from zero to nine, yes, no and good bye written on it. It is played with the planchette. Participants are supposed to put the planchette in the middle of the board facing up. Then lightly put four fingers on the planchete and simply start asking questions. The spirit will answer questions by moving the planchette to yes/no, certain numbers or it will spell the answer with letters of the alphabet. If the spirit moves the planchette to goodbye, participants should politely say goodbye as well and end the game. Besides the spirit, the participants also have the control to end the game. They should simply drag the planchette to goodbye themselves.



1. Don't play if you don't want to.
2. Never play alone.
3. Never play while in bad mood.
4. Protect yourself in any way you feel appropriate before the game (prayer, affirmations, white light, happy thoughts)
5. Always be polite.
6. Ask simple questions.
7. Never ask questions you don't want the answers to (aka when you're going to die)
8. End the game if feeling uncomfortable.
9. Always say goodbye.


Ouija boards work the way you want them to work weather aware of it or not. Our thoughts create our perception and our perception is our reality. Therefore, if you are completely closed and don't believe in it, it probably won't work. On the contrary, if you are extremely open and you are expecting for something to happen, the planchette will probably move like crazy. Moreover, the power of suggestion and idiomotor effect play a big role in this game. With a power of suggestion, a person can be heavily influenced by other players weather they are firm believers or firm unbelievers. On the other hand, scientists propose the phenomenon called idiomotor effect as one of the reasons Ouija boards might work for some people. This phenomenon basically considers someone moving the planchette unconsciously. 


The answer is already hidden in the part above; what you expect is what you get. People are naturally afraid of the unknown and especially nowadays when all of us are heavily influenced by the media which portrays paranormal phenomenon as terrifying and evil. With all that going on in our minds, it's only natural to expect something bad is going to happen. Just remember that light attracts light while dark attracts dark. Therefore, what you put out is what you're going to get. If you are going to play the game feeling unpleasant emotions (fear, anger, sadness), you're probably going to get unpleasant emotions back. That's why many believe that Ouija board should only be played if you are in a good mood and in a happy place. Scientifically speaking, when in a happy place, even if the planchette moves, it will spell out positive answers. From the spiritual point of view, that way, you are attracting positive spirits. Whatever your beliefs are, as long as you are doing it positively, you're safe.

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