Croatia's Most Famous Haunted House

When talking about paranormal in Croatia, it is almost impossible to forget the haunted house in Škrinjari, a village near the town of Bjelovar. This house attracted attention of media as well as paranormal enthusiasts over the years and it is, without a doubt, one of the most famous haunted locations in Croatia. 

Even though the house exists since 50s, it was in the 70s when the house gained bad reputation. In the 70s, new owner bought the house as a gift to his son. They decided to tear the old house down and build a new one. The mystery was created when, suddenly, before the house was even finished, they stopped the entire project and put the house on the market. The true reason for their sudden change of hearts is unknown. Some say the family simply didn't have enough money to finish the house while others think something much darker was happening. The new owner was allegedly involved with something paranormal even before he bought the house and it followed him wherever he went. Apparently, in order to get rid of the entity, he needed a specific location to which the entity could attach itself to. Therefore, he strictly stated in the contract of the house that he is selling both the house and everything in it. The „everything in it“ part, didn't only concern furniture instead it was purposely written in order to leave the entity at the specific location and therefore, the new owner would be free of it. Paranormal phenomenon started occurring in the house the moment he managed to sell it. The last owners moved out just a few months after they bought it. Allegedly, they were ready to give the house for free to anyone who manages to stay in it till the morning. Ever since 1997 the house is being sold for a very low price. 

Nowadays, there are various stories circulating around about different people who tried to stay in the house over night. Allegedly, even two policemen decided to investigate the house. However, their equipment didn't work inside of the house and in the morning they were found walking the house completely disoriented. 

Since no one lived there for decades, the house is basically a ruin now. However, that doesn't stop those looking for an adventure to check it out.

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