How to Spot a Witch

We've all heard of Bloody Mary, Baby Blue and the creepy Three Kings Game. Might I introduce you to this old legend spread around the area where I'm from. One might say it's one of the OG paranormal games. However, the elders probably wouldn't call it a game. It is believed that if you follow certain steps, you will be able to tell exactly who is a witch.

On the Saint Lucia which is on the 13th of December, one should start building a tripod chair. The tripod chair should be made out of wood and should not contain any sort of metal. One should finish the tripod exactly on the Christmas Eve or 24th of December. Next step is to take the finished chair to the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, stand at the back of the church and wait. At the moment when the priest raises a wafer in the air, one should climb on the chair and look. That is when all the witches will be unmasked by their heads being turned away from the altar. The tricky part is if the witches notice the person. One should immediately climb down from the chair and run to the next church. The witches will try to ketch the person who saw them. It is helpful to throw salt and wool behind you. It supposedly slows witches down. If the person makes it to the next church, one is safe. However, if the person does not make it, the witches will tear them apart.

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  1. How can you find out if one of you family members are a witch or succubus. For instance my Grandmom still looks the same as 30 years ago and since then 3 of my family members have died that were good people and she has felt better after each time, like she is sacrificing them to live longer. How can I test her to see if she is evil ???

  2. you must make out with her vigorously for 30 seconds if you taste something funny she is a witch

  3. Remember people, this is only an urban legend :)


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