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Predictions of Baba Vanga

Among various psychics and researches on the topic of premotion, it is believed that everyone is psychic to a certain degree. That degree is based on nothing but practice. It is just like painting, writing, singing or any other ability. The more you practice, the better you become at it. There are lots of people in this world who decided to take time and work on their psychic abilities. Some of them, just like with singing, writing or painting, became famous for it. Today we will explore one woman whose psychic abilities got her to be pretty recognized.

Vangelia Gushterova (1911-1996) or more commonly known as Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian mystic who allegedly possessed paranormal abilities. Even though she always exhibited paranormal preferences such as playing “healing” with her friends as a child, a turning point in her life was a tornado during which she lost her sight leaving her blind.  After the incident, she began to develop clairvoyant abilities. Eventually, she starte…

Bringing Imaginary Friends to Life

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? I know I did; several of them. Actually, I still have them and I have no intent of getting rid of them any time soon. What if there was a possibility for our imaginary friends to become alive? Well, that idea was actually turned into theory and it is named Tulpa.

Firstly, people with imaginary friends are AWARE that their imaginary friends are a product of their imagination. They are defined as a psychological and social phenomenon where a friendship or other interpersonal relationship is created in a world of imagination. Unfortunately, imaginary friends occasionally come with a bit of a negative stigma. Many falsely believe that imaginary friends are harmful dragging the person away from the reality and creating problems in the future. Luckily, that stigma has been proved as untrue. Instead, studies show they are more of a benefit rather than a harmful creation. Benefits of having imaginary friends include heightened creativity,…

Visit from the Dead Via Computer

The following short story is a true paranormal experience which happened to my father. It is quite different from majority of encounters I have heard about. Also, we have an idea about what it could be.
Several months ago, my dad was at his computer when suddenly the screen went dark. At first he tought something was wrong with the computer. However, a split second later, he saw a shadow on the screen. It was not a reflection; it was as if the video was playing. The shadow moved from one side of the screen to another, turned towards my dad, looked at him, turned back again and then went through the light. The computer screen turned back to normal. My dad says it happened in the split second. What's interesting about this case is that my dad uses an old computer from 2004 which makes it a pretty slow and the graphics especially are quite bad. However, my dad claims the graphics were as perfect as the real world. What makes the situation even more interesting is that at that time of …

Room 428 in Ohio University Closed Because of Paranormal

If you are thinking about applying to college and wish to study at Ohio University, you absolutely can, but only if you don’t mind that it is one of the most haunted campuses in the world. Especially the Wilson Hall where one of the rooms is so haunted that it is actually forbidden for students to stay in it. Makes you wonder if they put that on the brochure.
The Ohio University in Athens, Ohio was established in 1804 and it contains several haunted places on campus. Each of these places has its own paranormal story but the most famous by far is, already mentioned, the Wilson Hall. The Wilson Hall is, unexpectedly, a relatively new building constructed in 1965. Allegedly, the building is located in the middle of immense pentagram consisting of five cemeteries situated in the region which might be the cause of paranormal phenomenon occurring there. Other speculation suggests that phenomena are caused by the spirit of the student who died in 1970 in the room 428. Coincidence or not, but…

Haunted Mirror

There is something about mirrors that just makes them great candidates for a haunted object. Hollywood recognized this. There is always that one scene when the ghost appears in the mirror. Furthermore, there are entire movies dedicated just to mirrors (ex.The Mirrors,Occulus). For me, I have always been creeped out by this old tradition where you are supposed to cover all the mirrors in the house when someone passes away. It's all superstitions, spooky tales and irrational fears for the most of us. However, for two roommates in London, the haunted mirror was very real.

According, in 2013, student Joseph Birch and painter Sotiris Charalambous acquired the antique mirror from their landlord who didn't want it anymore. Ever since they brought the mirror to their home, they claim to experience nothing but bad luck, misery, illness and financial problems. Furthermore, they began seeing orbs of light and glimpses of shadows in the mirror. Both of them started to fee…

Floating City in the Sky

In 2015 in October, thousands of people in China were stunt to witness what appeared to be a floating city in the sky. Firstly, the floating city was seen over Foshan in the Guangdong providence of China. A few days later, the same phenomenon was reported in Jiangxi, China. Witnesses claimed the scene looked as if skyscrapers were floating on the clouds. It lasted for only few minutes after the incredible scene completely disappeared. The same phenomenon was seen over China back in 2011. It does not stop there. Just a few days later after the phenomenon was seen in China in 2015, there have been similar reports of the floating city in Hastings, a coastal town in southern England.
Some believe these incidents were faked. Experts say it was simply an optical illusion known as Fata Morgana. Despite the scientific explanation, many believe they have witnessed a parallel universe. Some took it a step further stating that the floating city was the result of Project Blue Beam testing. Projec…

Recurring Strangers in Dreams

Have you ever heard the allegedly scientific fact that we can only dream faces we have seen before? At first glance this seems hard to argue with since we encounter so many different faces on daily basis weather on the streets or maybe on the TV. However, I believe this research might not be as correct or as scientific as it may seem. Firstly, the brain is probably one of the least understood parts of the body and especially dreams which seem to be incredibly hard to study. Also, doesn't it seem a bit strange that a human mind wouldn't have the capacity to invent faces? Can we imagine different faces while awake? Yes, we can. So, why wouldn't we be able to do the same while unconscious.
We encounter unfamiliar faces quite a lot in our dreams. According to, about 50% of characters we encounter in dreams are not familiar to us. In some dreams up to 80% of characters could be strangers. However, we might recognize them only if they have one of main roles in…

Lokrum, Croatia's Cursed Island

There are numerous locations worldwide with the reputation of being haunted. Majority of these locations are known as haunted houses. However, besides houses being haunted there are also different locations which are considered haunted; roads, woods, tunnels, hotels, islands and more. Today we are going to explore the allegedly haunted island situated in Croatia; Lokrum.
Lokrum is a haunted island located very close to the Dubrovnik, Croatia. Its documented history dates back to 1023 when the island was given to Benedictines who were the first owners of the island. Dark side of the story starts when it was sold to Dubrovnik authorities in 1798. 
THE LEGEND That's when the Benedictines apparently to cursed the island. Some say they cursed it out of revenge while others believe the curse was created accidentally in the process of mourning. Supposedly, they walked around the island holding candles upside down while saying prayers the entire night. Allegedly, anyone who dares to use the …

Peggy, the Possessed Doll

Possessed dolls are pretty common theme in horror movies but what if the idea of haunted dolls isn't reserved only for horror movies. Many of us heard about the numerous allegations of real life possessed dolls; Peggy is one of them.
According toDaily Mail, the story about Peggy starts when the owner of the doll sent her to Jayne Harris, a paranormal investigator, claiming she is haunted. The owner believed the doll was responsible for a series of nightmares she'd experience, leaving her waking up feeling hot and shaken. The woman even searched help from a local priest but it didn't help. That's when the owner sent the doll to Harrison.

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Soon after Harris received the doll, she began conducting several experiments on the allegedly possessed doll. The investigator quickly learned that Peggy would have strange effects not only on people around her but on people who would just see a photo or a video of Peggy. Once, the day after Harri…

Paranormal Experiences With My Roommate

When you live with somebody for quite a while, you are bound to experience a bunch of things together. Sometimes these experiences might be unexplainable or even considered paranormal. Therefore, my roommate and I are not an exception.
Aside from telepathy which people who live together are bound to experience due to the fact they know each other so well, there have beenotherthings happening. First of all, our paranormal experiences would come in periods meaning there would be few days or weeks just filled with different paranormal events and then there would be a periods of absolutely nothing unexplainable happening. We've experienced hearing voices, objects moving, electronics not functioning properly and a lot more unexplained phenomenon.

There were a few instances when my roommate would hear me speak but, in reality, I was completely silent. Since both of us quickly picked up this, we were both very careful. I remember once when she yelled out:"What?" …

Crystal Children

Crystal children are one of the star seeds alongside indigo and rainbow children. While all the star seeds are here to make the world a better place, according to Sandra Weaver crystal children in particular are known as God’s gift to help save the world. In this article we will take a look at these peacemakers who are born in order to help humanity change for the better.
Most of the crystal children were born in the 1990s although there have been some scouts of crystal children prior to 1990s. Therefore, majority of crystal children are now entering their adulthood and they are already on the mission, knowingly or unknowingly, of changing this world for the better. It is so due to the fact that crystal children unlike indigo children are not confused about their purpose on this planet. Crystal children are able to see the bigger picture making them very aware of the fact that their voice matters and that they do have the power to make a difference.
Moreover, the reason why crystals ar…

Are You a Star Child?

There are certain people in this world who simply do not fit the rest of the society. We recognize them as people who are very imaginative, have positive attitude and are somehow just unique in their own way making their opinions and ideas about the world stand out as different among the society. Majority of us met someone who fits the description or we might even recognize ourselves as unique. As expected, there has been a theory floating around suggesting that these people are even more special and unique than we ever imagined.
The theory of Star Seeds or more popularly known Star Children suggests that these people are born specifically in order to break the existing paradigms and start the next stage of human evolution. Some even claim that star children are of extraterrestrial origin explaining that their different views and ideas come from no other but from the universe knowledge itself. Therefore, it is believed that star children are either very old souls or aliens…