Room 428 in Ohio University Closed Because of Paranormal

If you are thinking about applying to college and wish to study at Ohio University, you absolutely can, but only if you don’t mind that it is one of the most haunted campuses in the world. Especially the Wilson Hall where one of the rooms is so haunted that it is actually forbidden for students to stay in it. Makes you wonder if they put that on the brochure.

The Ohio University in Athens, Ohio was established in 1804 and it contains several haunted places on campus. Each of these places has its own paranormal story but the most famous by far is, already mentioned, the Wilson Hall. The Wilson Hall is, unexpectedly, a relatively new building constructed in 1965. Allegedly, the building is located in the middle of immense pentagram consisting of five cemeteries situated in the region which might be the cause of paranormal phenomenon occurring there. Other speculation suggests that phenomena are caused by the spirit of the student who died in 1970 in the room 428. Coincidence or not, but the room 428 only happens to be that room in which you’re not allowed to stay at due to it being sealed forever. The room has been closed off when several students residing in that room complained about hearing strange sounds including footsteps as well as objects moving on their own. That’s when the room 428 was closed by the school officials who stated that the room is uninhabitable. Several different stories surround the mystery of the room 428. Some believe that the female student suffered a violent death in that room after practicing occult. It is said that the girl used room’s energy to practice astral projection as well as that she dabbled in several occult practices. However, that theory is nothing but a legend. More likely the reasons for paranormal phenomenon might be the cemeteries. In 1980 the experts discovered that Wilson Hall is built on the same location as the original site of an early cemetery of the Athens Mental Institute which was closed off in 1993.

Aside from the Wilson Hall, according to, several different places are considered haunted on the campus including Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Brown House,  Jefferson Hall, Washington Hall, Bush Hall, Shively Hall, Perkins Hall, Voigt Hall, Crawford Hall, Cutler Hall, the Convocation Center, College Green, Lin Hall or previous State Mental Hospital familiar as The Ridges. This is quite impressive for one campus.

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