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Encounter with a Mysterious Woman

The following is the true story which happened to me several years back. Truthfully, I cannot surely say this event was of a paranormal nature however it definitely has predispositions to be one and it is one of the most bizarre things to ever occur in my life.

At that time I was living alone in a studio apartment. It all happened on an afternoon during a hot summer day while I was on my computer writing a research for university. As I was focused on my writing, I remember hearing someone knocking on the front door. Immediately I thought it must be either one of my two neighbors or the landlord since no one else has the key to the building. As I opened the door in front of me stood a woman that was neither my landlord nor a neighbor. She looked like an average woman in her twenties; she had long black hair and her clothing was quite regular. However, I was not familiar with her. This struck me as strange due to the fact that nobody can enter the building without the key. Also, there we…

Mandy, Canada's Most Famous Haunted Doll

Back in 1991, creepy looking doll by the name of Mandy was donated to the Quesnel Museum in Canada. Soon after, the museum staff started experiencing series of unexplained events; mysterious footsteps were heard when no one was around; items would go missing; electronics would malfunction; staff’s launches would disappear and would later be found in a drawer and many more. Once, when the doll was left alone, the staff found paper towels thrown all around the room. It did not take long for Mandy to gain the reputation of Canada's most famous haunted doll.
But why would someone donate the doll to the museum in the first place? The truth is, strange occurrences were happening around Mandy even before the museum became her home. According to, Mandy was made between 1910 and 1920 in either Germany or England. She was owned by a lady named Mereanda who also donated the doll to the museum due to the reason that it made her anxious among other happenings. Allegedly…

Click-Click Game (Intelligent Haunting)

The story that I am about to tell you happened quite recently, maybe a few months ago. It was not scary occurrence but rather unusual and actually kind of funny now that I think about it.
So, a few months ago I was lying in bed ready to go to sleep. As I was trying to fall asleep, I heard what sounded like something was lightly touching my bag; click-click. I did not think anything of it concluding it was probably a bug. However, the sound kept getting louder and faster. I was curious so I got up to see what it is. The minute I turned on the lights and went to check, it stopped. I was looking around trying to figure out what could be creating that sound but I could not find a reason for it; I did not see a bug and everything was still and calm. So, I brushed it off, turned down the lights and went back to bed. Not a minute had passed when the clicking started again. It sounded exactly the same as before and it kept getting louder and faster so I get up again. The moment I got up, the …

White Eyed Children

Once you learn about Black Eyed Children and start to dig deeper, you might stumble upon similar type of beings called White Eyed Children. There is not as much information about white eyed children as there is about black eyed children and reports of encounters are much rarer as well. This might lead many to believe that white eyed children are just a spin off in the story of black eyed children while others, especially those who encountered them, claim that they are very real.
APPEARANCE Instant similarities with black eyed children are their eyes. In this case their eyes are white without pupils or any other color to them, just sclera or white of the eye going across the entire eyes. Furthermore, their skin is usually described as very pale to the point of almost being translucent. Their hair is also reported to be very white and pale however many could not correctly remember the color and style of their hair. Unlike black eyed children who usually appear as 12 to 18 years old, whit…

Haunted Dolls

When the topic of your research is paranormal, more than once will you ran into supposedly haunted dolls. Well, not literally run into them, at least not yet and hopefully not any time soon. But, back on topic, haunted dolls seem to intrigue paranormal enthusiasts more than any other object and the resources for haunted dolls seem to be endless with the new ones emerging as we speak. I have already written about some of them; Robert, Anabelle and Peggy. Apparently, there has to be something about dolls that freaks us out more than any other item.
DEFINING HAUNTED DOLLS A haunted doll is a doll or a stuffed animal thought to be cursed or possessed by supernatural forces. The earliest report of a haunted doll dates back to Egypt when the enemies of Ramses III attempted to murder him with a use of wax doll that resembles him. There have been numerous allegations of haunted dolls through history; from voodoo dolls, cursed dolls to possessed dolls. However, it was not until last few hundred…

Rainbow Children

Rainbow children are known as the third generation of special star children. Star children are believed to be new types of humans who were born in order to change the world for the better. They are very imaginative and creative; have a very high positive energy; deliver different yet wise ideas and opinions; report various experiences with paranormal and they simply stand out as different in society. First generation of star children noticed were famous indigo children. Indigos were followed by crystal children and the third generation is just beginning to arrive; they are named rainbow children and are believed to the the builders of a new world.

As mentioned, they are being born today (2010s) and are yet to be born in the future, however there are exceptions who were born prior to 2010s. It is believed that crystal children, a generation which rainbows follow, are their parents. Moreover, majority of them are thought to be incarnated on this planet for the fi…

Possessed House in Bilje, Croatia

For such a small country Croatia seems to be the home for many haunted locations. We have already covered several of them: haunted house in Škrinjari, haunted island Lokrum and haunted highway near the town of Nova Gradiška. Today, we bring you yet another allegedly haunted location in Croatia; the eerie possessed house in Bilje situated near the City of Osijek.

THE STORY Story about the allegedly possessed house begins when a group of people interested in spiritualism decided to conjure spirits in the house. Supposedly, they lit up six black candles and read from the book for conjuring spirits. Something went terribly wrong and they ended up summoning something darker. Something they weren't able to get rid of. After a while, the priest was called to the house but ended up giving up and leaving after the dresser fell right in front of him. Things got so bad that an exorcist was eventually called to the house. After the ritual was performed, everything seemed to be fine. Unfortunate…

Bizarre Mistery of the Jamison Family

There are rare cases when you have so much yet so little to write about. This is one of them. Facts of this mystery can be written in less than ten sentences yet one can write an entire book about all the unanswered questions and possible answers. This story starts in October 2009 when the Jamison family mysteriously vanished. Their disappearance was an open case until November, 2013 when their skeletal remains were found only to raise more questions. Cause of the family’s death was never determined and circumstances surrounding their disappearance remain a mystery.
Jamisons were the average family from Eufaula, Oklahoma, US. The family consisted of father Bobby Dale Jamison, mother Sherilynn Leighann Jamison and daughter Madyson Stormy Star Jamison. The family was looking to purchase a land near Red Oak, Oklahoma when their mysterious disappearance was reported. After a few days into the investigation, their pickup truck was found abandoned in Latimer County, Oklahom…

Mysterious Daylight in the Middle of the Night

The following is the true story which happened a few years back. Interestingly enough, the phenomena happened around the same time to both my friend and me. However, at the time we were physically separated by miles.

One hot summer, I woke up in the middle of the night and jut could not fall back to sleep again. It seemed it that was going to be one of those nights of tossing and turning for me. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere both the room and the outdoors were filled with blinding bright light. It was as if it was daylight in the middle of the night. The flash of mysterious daylight lasted for about a split second when it completely disappeared. I was lying in bed expecting a thunder or, basically anything that would satisfy the logical part of my brain. However, nothing happened; it wasn’t thundering, nothing. That is when I got out of the bed and went to the window to check the outside. As I gazed outside of my window, everything was peaceful and calm. There were no signs of storm a…

True Story Behind the Movie Haunting in Connecticut

When I was younger I remember watching a documentary that fascinated me so much that I watched it several times on repeat. The documentary told a story of a family who moves in to the house in Connecticut only to find out that their new home is haunted. It was few years later when a movie Haunting in Connecticut was released. This 2009 psychological horror film told the story of the same family with a bit more of a Hollywood aspect to it. Let’s put Hollywood to the side and take a look at what really happened within the walls of the allegedly haunted house in Connecticut.
The Snedeker family was quite a big family consisting of mother, father, three children and a cousin. All six of them decided to move to a small town of Southington, Conneticut in 1986 in order for them to be closer to a hospital at which the oldest son was being treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. While the family was moving, father, Al ran across a disturbing discovery in the basement. Apparently, the base…