Possessed House in Bilje, Croatia

For such a small country Croatia seems to be the home for many haunted locations. We have already covered several of them: haunted house in Škrinjari, haunted island Lokrum and haunted highway near the town of Nova Gradiška. Today, we bring you yet another allegedly haunted location in Croatia; the eerie possessed house in Bilje situated near the City of Osijek.

Source: pixabay.com
Story about the allegedly possessed house begins when a group of people interested in spiritualism decided to conjure spirits in the house. Supposedly, they lit up six black candles and read from the book for conjuring spirits. Something went terribly wrong and they ended up summoning something darker. Something they weren't able to get rid of. After a while, the priest was called to the house but ended up giving up and leaving after the dresser fell right in front of him. Things got so bad that an exorcist was eventually called to the house. After the ritual was performed, everything seemed to be fine. Unfortunately, the peace lasted for only few days when the entity returned.

No one till present day was able to get rid of the entity haunting the house in Bilje. Moreover, one person who used to live in the house died mysteriously. Although doctors diagnosed a natural death, questions arise since the deceased was only in its twenties.

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