Mysteria Words is a blog which discusses deferent topics in the field of paranormal with the purpose of entertainment and education. We publish stories about unexplained phenomena, researches on mainstream topics in the field of paranormal, legends and myths from different cultures as well as exploring different paranormal ideas and theories. 


Girl searching for happiness and everything paranormal. Publishes under the pseudonym Mysteria Words, but her real name is Tina. Loves writing, coffee and doing psychic readings for her friends. Paranormal phenomenon somehow seems to follow her wherever she is so, at one point, she was over confusion and fear and decided to educate herself about it. Realizes that every day is a good day and tries to live it as such. Pretends that the street cat is her own cat and even named her Uni, Uni is now one of her friends. Tries to look at every single person through eyes of an angel which sometimes makes her so excited that people get annoyed. However, she understands that being yourself is a good thing even if it's slightly annoying. Her main purpose on this blog is to entertain you and possibly try educate you a little bit about positive psychology. 

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