Growing Up in a Haunted Building

There was a time when this girl was living in a haunted building. A bunch of unexplained phenomena occurred there to multiple witnesses. Today, I will share with you one of many strange events that happened while I lived there. 

Once, when I was about eight years old, my sister and I were home alone and we decided to go to the playground. After a while, we decided to return home. As we were returning home, we ran into a friend of ours who was very visibly upset with us and we didn't understand why. So, our friend started to explain the situation. She claimed that just a few moments ago, she was at our apartment ringing the doorbell trying to hang out with us but we didn't want to let her in. She says she heard me inside of the apartment playing, laughing and giggling. So, clearly, she was upset because she thought we were home but didn't want to let her in. My sister and I were staring at her in disbelief knowing that actually nobody is home. It took us a while to explain to her that the apartment was empty. Luckily she came around. Imagine how freaky it is to learn someone witness you at the certain location while that's not the real you due to the fact that in reality you are somewhere else!

This really left me wondering what this phenomenon could be. I researched it but it still leaves me wondering. Maybe it were spirits imitating us, bilocation or something else. Check out my toughts/research on what that phenomena could be here!

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