Favorite Paranormal YouTube: Kyla Rebecca

Last month, we started exploring interesting paranormal side of YouTube. In a previous Favorite Paranormal YouTube post, we have discussed Paranormal Kativity, one of my personal favorite YouTube channels about Paranormal. In today's post, we will discuss channel Kyla Rebecca.

Source: youtube.com
YouTube channel Kyla Rebecca does not necessarily focus only on the topic of paranormal. Instead, this channel covers several different topics with paranormal being a big part of it. Furthermore, Kyla's paranormal videos are pretty popular; probably the most popular out of her videos. Her videos are also very unique and, therefore, worth a notice in my opinion. She shares her own unexplained experiences and she even went on a ghost haunting investigation with her friends. 



In the first video, Kyla shares her experiences that occurred at the Blagg Cemetery in Arkansas, USA. She also tell a legend about a witch buried at the mentioned cemetery. In a second video, we follow Kyla, her sister and her boyfriend as they go on a ghost investigation to a Blagg Cemetery. Both videos are definitely worth a watch!


In the third video, Kyla shares her paranormal experiences from a haunted house she used to live in. This was the very first Kyla's video I ran into and also the one that got me hooked. She has several storytime videos about experiences that happened at that same house. Check out her channel in order to hear about them; highly recommended for paranormal lovers! 

In conclusion, I would just like to note that Mysteria Words is in no way affilated or sponsored by Kyla Rebecca; I simply like her videos! :)

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