Mysterious Lights in the Woods

The following story is based on true unexplained experiences that happened to two of my friends. The events that occurred might or might not be of a paranormal nature but isn't that always the case with unexplained happenings?


One evening two of my friends took a trip to a somewhat secluded area in the woods. As it was getting darker, they got into the car and decided to watch a movie on the laptop they brought along with them. It was quite an ambiance; watching a movie in the middle of the woods at night. 
While they were watching movie, they were suddenly interrupted by a big bright light right in front of them. The light flashed directly into their car. They immediately reacted by turning on the brights on their car. However, once they turned the lights on, no one was there. "It was probably a person." - they thought - "A hunter, maybe." 
Although they were confused by a quick disappearance of a person without leaving trace, they brushed it off and decided to drive a bit further away. Parked a few minuted away from the original spot, but still in the secluded woody area, they continued to watch a movie. Only a few minutes passed away when, out of nowhere, big bright lights flashed straight to the back of their car once again. They turned on the car lights to get a better look at the area in around them. The same thing happened again; there was nothing! Needless to say they were more than a little confused at this point. Even if they encountered a person the first time, how did they manage to get to their car so fast? Both of them agree that the situation was more than strange and they cannot figure out the logical explanation. Eventually, they decided to leave and events that took place were left a mystery. 

Thanks for a read!
And thanks to my friends for a story!


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