Roanoke Island: True Story Behind American Horror Story, Season 6 Theme

If you watch American Horror Story, you know that new September equals a new season of the popular series. The show is running it's sixth season which, from the get go it, appeared to be the most mysterious yet. Until now, each season of the show had it's own subtitle that was announced months prior to the season's release. However, this year we knew absolutely nothing about season 6, including the subtitle. On September 14th, the season's pilot was released and it appeared to be centered around one of the most bizarre disappearance cases ever recorded; the mystery of the Roanoke Island. In the following article, we will investigate true story behind AHS 6th season. 


The Roanoke was a colony established in late 16th century in Roanoke Island; modern day Dare County, North Carolina, USA. After the first hundred residents were brought to the island, it was quickly realized that the island cannot provide enough supplies for the number of new settlers. Therefore, some of the new settlers were forced to return to England to obtain supplies. Although they were supposed to be back as soon as they picked up the necessities, their return was delayed due to the war overseas. The war caused them to return three years later. Upon their return to Roanoke Island, they found out that all of the new settlers were missing, as if they had just vanished of the face of the Earth. The only thing that was left was a fence post and words "CRO" and "CROATOAN" carved into two trees. Everything else disappeared along with new settlers. However, at first they thought they were left with a clue; words carved into trees were actually associated with the Croatan Indians who lived on the nearby Hatteras Island. This caused them to travel to a nearby island in search of the missing new settlers. However, upon their arrival, they found nothing that would indicate any connection with the missing new settlers leaving this case a mystery.


Since then, there have been numerous theories as to what could have happened in those three years. Some say harsh weather either wiped them off or drove them away from the island. Add lack of supplies in the mix and it seems that the new settlers would have a good reason to leave. However, where did they go? How come there is not any trace of them? Well, some speculate that it may be a possibility that the new settlers got lost at the sea when trying to sail away. Second theory suggests that maybe the new settlers got into disputes with local tribes. However, the same question arises once again - wouldn't there be at least some kind of trace? The truth is, there are numerous different theories but none of them are conclusive. 

Therefore, till this day nobody really knows what caused the mysterious vanishing. It is pretty extraordinary to think that we are not able to conclude the disappearance of over a hundred people at one place. Makes you think.

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