Phantom Funerals

When I was a younger, my dad told me the creepy story that haunts me till this day. He heard this story when he was a child as well. It was a story about the phantom funeral. Little did I know that the same phenomenon was experienced by various people everywhere.

This story happened in the middle of the last century. One night, a man was returning home. He was walking on the empty non traffic road surrounded by nothing but woods. This road was the only road that leads to the village where he lived. As he was returning home, he sensed someone behind him so he turned around to check. The man saw a dark shadow walking behind him. He thought nothing of it and just assumed it was somebody else returning home as well. After a while, he turned around to check again and noticed that there are two shadows behind him. Thinking this was a bit strange, the man started walking faster. As the feeling of unease was rising within him, he turned around for the third time. Now, there were four shadows walking behind him. The man was terrified at this point. Luckily, he was approaching the village. Before he ran into the first yard, he took one last look. Now, there was a bunch of shadows walking on the road. He hid behind the fence and gazed at the scene in disbelief. As the shadows were passing down the road, the man noticed horse-drawn hearse. At that moment, he realized it was a funeral. The funeral procession just passed him and went down the road. 

Encounters with phantom funerals are all pretty similar. They are seen in quiet areas by travelers. Sometimes, they can be accompanied with sounds related to the funeral. This phenomenon is more predominant in Europe and quite rare in America. In modern days, phantom funerals seem to be extremely rare.

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