Is There Afterlife for Animals

To start with, let me tell you a really creepy story. As a child, I was going to sunday school. Once, I asked the teacher an important question: "Do animals go to heaven?" That's when something really scary happened; the teacher responded: "NO!" The truth is, I loved going to Sunday school and the teacher was pretty cool regardless our differences of opinions.


Firstly, everything is a circulation of energy. That includes not only animals and people but literally everything, both living and unliving. The only difference is that the living use more energy than the unliving. The reason why we say "use the energy" it is due to the fact that, according to science, the energy is neither created nor destroyed. So where does it come from and where does it leave? Rather than the energy suddenly appearing out of nowhere or mysteriously leaving the body after the passing; the energy it's transformed meaning it just moves from one form to another. Therefore, it is an open possibility that the energy which was once used by a living creature simply transform itself to a different form. Animals are no exception. They, like everything else, use the energy. Since the energy animals used can't just magically disappear after their death, it has to transform into something. That would mean if there is afterlife, there is afterlife for animals as well! But what if my teacher was referring to conciseness which is mostly reserved for humans. Well, recent studies prove that non-human animals have conciseness as well.  Therefore, upon their passing, animals will still be aware instead of just energy unconsciously floating around.

All of this is open for interpretation since, scientifically, we still aren't sure. From different paranormal reports, we learn that there aren't only reports of encounters with humans but with various different beings and entities one of them being animals. In conclusion, if there is afterlife which I believe there is, the rules should be same for everything and everybody.

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