Turn False Awakenings Into Out of Body Experience (Astral Projection)

If you've ever experienced a false awakening, you know how frustrating it can be. Some even say they experience an extreme sense of fear along with the frustration. Luckily, through my experience with false awakenings I somehow learned how to turn them into out of body experiences or astral projection. Today I would like to share with you how to turn false awakenings into out of body experience.


Firstly, false awakening is defined as a vivid and convincing dream about awakening from sleep when, in reality, you're still sleeping. These dreams look how your everyday ritual when you wake up would look. You might go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, get a glass of water or whatever is it that you do when you first wake up. Sometimes these are accompanied with the feeling of something not being quite right. The frustrating part is that sometimes you can have several false awakenings in one night creating a cycle that keeps repeating itself yet you never actually wake up. This can be quite annoying and confusing. However, what's interesting about it is  that after so many false awakenings, we have higher chance of realizing that we are dreaming and possibly start to lucid dream. Furthermore, lucid dreams play an important role when trying to astral project or achieve an out of body experience.


For me, false awakenings started in my teens. I'd wake up, go to the bathroom and realize something is not quite right. Usually, I would have several false awakenings a night and a few times a week and it was always frustrating. Since this was a very common experience for me, I naturally started to pick up on little things which would determine whether I'm dreaming or not. Later, I found out these are called reality checks. For me, it is the lights. 

For some reason, lights don't seem to work properly in my dreams. When I look at my phone in a dream, it wouldn't emit proper amount of light and the screen would be blurry. I was also lucky enough to have the light switch right above my bed. Therefore, I developed a habit of turning the lights on immediately when I woke up in the middle of the night. Habit is really important when it comes to turning false awakenings into out of body experiences. Since in false awakenings you are reliving your own rituals after waking up, you have the full control to determent what will be the first thing you do when you wake up.

Also, timing is very important; reality check should be done as soon as possible. In my case, turning on the light switch was the first thing I did after I woke up. Therefore, while in a dream, every time I’d try to turn on the light it wouldn't work properly. The lights are usually dimmed and I would immediately get that feeling of something being not quite right. With time I began to realize that I'm dreaming. At first, I was still annoyed with this dream. I would now be aware that I'm dreaming but I would so desperately try to wake up that I would basically just create another circle of false awakenings. I would fake wake up, realize that I'm dreaming, try to wake up, fake wake up again, realize that I'm dreaming, try to wake up, fake wake up and on and on until I finally woke up. That lasted for years until this one time.

I've had several false awakenings in one sleep cycle and I was just over it. I didn't even feel like trying to wake up anymore so I sat down to watch the TV. Silly me, lights don't work properly in drams. Therefore, TV was just emitting bright blue light. I decided to just try to sleep. I was that desperate that I went to sleep while sleeping. That didn't go over so well because I ended up fake waking up again.

I was just walking around my room not knowing what to do when suddenly I just decided to let it be. I didn't want to fight it anymore. If this is how it's going to be then just let it be. At that moment I felt being pulled back to my body. All around me were these beautiful reddish colors and shapes. I got the feeling like I'm falling. When I finally hit the bottom I landed in my body at the bed. I heard loud noises in my head. I always say it sounds like you are having a construction site in your head. And then I just felt my spirit rising up from my body. It was completely beyond my control. I sat on my bed. As I tried to turn around, I passed through walls and the tables and it was the most fascinating thing I've ever experienced at that point. It's hard to explain but you literally feel as if you are just spirit, just your mind no body, just your consciousness. You are no longer bound by space and time. It's truly is unbelievable. Since that was very first time I experienced such thing, I quickly decided to go back. I just laid back into my body and that was it. I was fully awake.

And that, my friends, is how you turn your false awakenings into out of body experience.

Thanks for a read!
Happy sleeping!


  1. I too am an occasional lucid dreamer and having experienced the phenomena I can vouch for a lot of your details such as noises, shapes, etc. I occasionally see figures and other objects in the space of my room. I think that I am peering into another "phase" of our multiverse.

    More, instead of lights...my trigger is to realize I am in a dream....then pick a point up or over and fly to that point. It is an ecstasy I don't often get (the flying), but I love my sleep world as much as the physical one!

    1. That sounds so awesome. So, how do you figure out that you're dreaming/what's your trigger? Or it just comes naturally to you?


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