Night of Strange Dreams

There was a night at a beginning of December that resulted in several strange dreams. Honestly, I'm not quite sure about the exact date, but let's say it was between the 4th and 7th of December. One of these three nights, three different people reported unusual dreams. We are not talking about nothing spectacular here, just some strange coincidences. If you are interested, keep reading!

A friend of mine, let's call her Emma, dreamed that she was supposed to travel to England. However, in a dream, she had lost her plane ticket which resulted in her not being able to travel to England. The next day, when Emma woke up, she received peculiar message from one of her friends, let's call her Anna. Interestingly, her friend Anna messaged her about her own dream which was strangely related to Emma's dream. Anna dreamed that she went to visit Emma in, no other country but England and that Emma was not there. 

The following dream was dreamed by my father. He dreamed that he got a phone call from one of our relatives who lives outside of the country. You guessed it, the next day, he received a phone call from that exact relative. What's interesting about this is that the mentioned relative literally never calls through phone.

Dreams are pretty mysterious phenomenon to begin with, however, these coincidences are pretty interesting if you ask me. The fact that they all occurred in the same night is even more interesting.

Thanks for a read!


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