Popular Mandela Effects

What if parallel universes exist? What if the evidence of parallel universes exists in our current 3 dimensional universe? Popular as of few months back, Mandela Effect theory suggests exactly that; parallel universes do exist and, unlike before, this time the theory's supporters are not just talking; instead, they are bringing in evidence. Also, it would not be 2016. without mentioning Mandela Effect. 

As mentioned, the Mandela Effect is a theory of parallel universes. It is based on false memories about past events that are remembered by larger group. Simply, the Mandela Effect is when a lot of people believe that something had happened when, in reality, it never happened or it happened completely different. Supporters of the theory believe that the reason for these false memories is due to the existence of multiple parallel universes. They suggest that at some point in the past, the two or more universes have collided, therefore creating small changes and fabrications in our current reality. 
The Mandela Effect was created in 2010 by a blogger Fiona Broome. Broome remembered that Nelson Mendela died in the 1980s during his imprisonment only to find out that never happened. Afterwards, Broome discovered she is not the only one who thought that Nelson Mandela had passed away in the 1980s; there was a large group of people who remembered exactly the same thing regardless of it never happening. 


01. Berenstain Bears
This is probably the second most famous Mandela Effect right after Mandela's death. Way too many people remember the title of the children's book series/cartoon being spelled The Berenstein Bears. In reality, the name of the book series/cartoon has always been The Berenstain Bears.

02. Luke, I am your father
Are you the true Star Wars fan? What's the most famous line from the movie, printed on t-shirts and quoted everywhere? Is it  "Luke, I am your father"? The truth is, that line was never even spoken in the movie. In reality, Darth Vader says "No, I am your father". 
03. We are the champions... of the world
Try to sing the ending of the Queen's classic; We are the Champions. Did you end with: We are the champions... (dun, dun) of the world!? Wrong. It turns out "...of the world" does not exist and the song just cuts off at we are the champions. Was it always like this? Take a listen!

04. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
What is my childhood? One of the most popular fairytales quotes was affected by Mandela Effect as well. The vain queen never said "Mirror, mirror on the wall". Instead, she said "Magic mirror on the wall."  
05. Sketchers or Skechers
Here we go with another spelling test. Is it Sketchers or Skechers? Many people remember Sketchers with a T in it. However, as you expected, our memories are wrong once again. It appears it was always Skechers, without the T. Google it, it looks ridiculous.  
06. Monopoly Man
Do you remember the Monopoly Man? What does he look like? What are his key features? Let's cut to the case; does he have a monocle on his eye or not? If you think he does, you, like a bunch of other folks, are wrong my friend. Turns out, Monopoly man never had a monocle! 
07. Good Evening, Clarice
Movies seem to be filled with different Mandela Effect. Next one if from the worldly popular movie Silence of the Lambs. People seem to remember Hannibal greets Clarice with "Hello, Clarice." The truth is, he never said that. Instead, Hannibal's greeting line is "Good Evening, Clarice."  
Mandela Effect Debunked: Sex in the City / Sex and the City
Apparently, many people remember the popular TV show being called Sex in the City when, in reality, it was always called Sex and the City. However, the country where I'm from, the TV show's name was translated as Sex and the City and it was always called that way. 

Are these really evidence of parallel universe? According to science and logic, these are just our false memories. However, some disagree stating that the number of people disremembering events is just way too high. Science still suggests it is possible. Especially now when Mandela Effect had gone viral; everyone wants to be a part of it. What do you think?

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