EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) - Brief History


The idea of recording a ghost voice was first introduced in 1920's when Thomas Edison himself tried to invent a machine that would communicate with the dead. Edison believed that our personality might survive the death of the body as well as that we might be able to record something otherworldly only if we could create a delicate enough machine. Obviously, Edison never succeeded in his invention, but his idea lives on.

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One of the early enthusiasts in recording ghost voices was an American photographer, Attila von Szalay. His attempts begun in the late 1930's, than continued through 1940's as well as 1950's. He had recorded many sounds and voices through years of his research. Although many argued mysterious voice recordings were actually random radio broadcasts that were accidentally picked up, this criticism was quickly and easily answered. Some of the recorded voices spoke profanity which was unheard of for radio shows during that time, while others would ask and answer questions about the deceased relatives. Szalay attracted attention of Raymond Bayless, another paranormal researcher. The two worked together and published their findings in The Journal of the American Society for Physical Research, in 1959.

Another interesting event occurred in 1959. Swedish painter and film producer Friedrich Jürgenson was recording bird songs. Upon reviewing the tape later, he heard what appeared to be the voice of his deceased father and several moments later, a voice of his deceased wife calling his name. After that event had occurred, interested, he went on to make hundreds recordings and managed to record several other voices including what appears to be a message from his late mother. Friedrich Jürgenson proceeded to write two books on the topic: Voices from the Universe and Radio Contact with the Dead

Friedrich Jürgenson attracted attention of a Latvian psychologist who had worked at the Uppsala University in Sweden, Dr. Konstantin Raudive. At first he was skeptical, but later on Raudive begun to conduct his own experiments. Among 100,000 recordings Raudive made, he had also recieved a message from what appears to be his mother, telling him: "Konstulit, this is your mother." Interestingly, Konstulit was the name his mother had called him. Dr. Konstantin Raudive believed there was no rational explanation for his mysterious recordings and proceeded to write on the topic of spirit voices as well.

In the 1980's, William O'Niel constructed an electronic audio device called "The Spiricom". According to Wikipedia, O'Niel claimed the device was built to specifications which he received psychically from George Mueller, a scientist who had died six years previously. O'Niel claimed he was able to hold two-way conversations with the spirits through the device. Later on, William O'Neil teamed up with George and Jeanette Meek, two spiritual researchers. Allegedly, they were able to record the conversations they held with spirits via "The Spiritcom". However, "The Spiritcom" was widely criticized. Critics state that the results collected from "The Spiritcom" are not valid due to the coincidence, subjectivity or pareidolia

Nowadays, numerous organizations and individuals are working on either proving or debunking the phenomenon. In modern days, various different gadgets are at disposal to the masses to go ghost haunting and record EVPs. 

Although, electronic recordings of spirit voices are relatively new phenomenon, the idea of communicating with the other world is nothing new. Human kind has been trying to reach the other side almost since there was a human kind. With the development of technology, our interest in paranormal did not disappear, instead, we have created a variety of different new ways in order to try and touch the outskirts of the supernatural; mysterious ghost voices are just a tip of the iceberg. 

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  1. I've yet to capture an EVP but I've heard recordings. I know they could have been doctored but they were interesting...from voices to a bugle call...Gettysburg, of course. I'll keep trying because "I want to believe."


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