The Pact: "Is There Anything After Death?"

Everyone will eventually start to debate on the meaning of life which mostly leads to the never answered question: Is there afterlife? The following story started in the same tone when two friends started talking about the afterlife. Interestingly, one of the woman appeared to get her answers. 

To start with, I have heard this story from my grandmother and she heard it from a friend a while back. It is a story of two neighbors who eventually got so close that they became best friends. Once, the two friends were having a deep conversation bringing up the provocative questions including the meaning of life. Eventually, the conversation took a turn on afterlife. They were trying to figure out if there is anything after death. As usual, they could not get to the bottom of this topic. In conclusion to the discussion, the two woman decided to make a pact. In order for them to get the answers from beyond the grave, both promised that the first one out of two of them that dies will let know the other living one if there is anything on the other side. Both woman were very serious about their promises. 
As time went by, one of the woman sadly passed away. The other one was crushed. Several days after the funeral, a living woman woke up in shock in the morning. She was pale as a ghost and had an expression of fear on her face. Finally, she started talking. The woman shockingly said that it was a mistake making the pact. She said she will never make the same promise and that no one ever should. Apparently, according to the woman, her deceased friend did come to visit her that night. All what woman said about the encounter was that her friend spoke to her: "It's ok on the other side. It's pretty nice, actually. Except it is a little bit too warm for my taste."

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