Croatia's Most Famous Haunted Highway

There are numerous alleged haunted roads in different countries all around the world and Croatia is not an exception when it comes to such phenomenon. We have already explored some of Croatia’s alleged haunted locations including the most famous haunted house and the haunted island Lokrum. Since Croatia seems to be predominant country of our research, it seems only natural to take a look into its most haunted road. In fact, the alleged haunted road in Croatia is known as one of the most famous haunted locations in the entire country.

Croatia’s most haunted road is a highway spreading from the capital; Zagreb to the city of Slavonski Brod. The area with the most paranormal activity on the highway is situated around the town of Nova Gradiška. This particular location is a place of reoccurring unexplainable events. To start with, many people driving on this road report different electronic anomalies including car radio turning on and off as well as phones and other electronics not working properly while in this area. Furthermore, while driving on this road many experience sudden loss of concentration as well as the phenomenon of an unknown force pulling the car in the opposite direction. All of these reports are just the tip of the iceberg making the following experiences really questioning us weather something paranormal might actually be happening on this particular highway. A number of drivers passing through this road state they have witnessed apparitions of black shadows walking down the road. The strangest apparitions reported include those of random full figure people appearing and disappearing out of nowhere in the middle of the road. Sadly, this phenomenon caused many car accidents of which some were tragic and even fatal. Imagine driving down the road when suddenly a group of people is walking towards you. That is when you instantly, without any hesitation, hit breaks. Unfortunately, such instinctual reaction might end up in a tragic car crash. The truth is it has ended fatally numerous times before. Many people lost lives on this road including even some celebrities which only added to the infamous popularity of the highway near Nova Gradiška. Celebrities who came to a tragic end on this road include Macedonian singer Toše Proeski and the actress Dolores Lambaša. However, there are those who survived these otherworldly encounters and they are the ones who end up reporting the unexplainable phenomenon.

As always, we ask ourselves: what could cause such events? Well, there are several different theories which could possibly explain the strange occurrences. Firstly, some say such events are mainly caused by strong magnetic fields in this area as well as subterrean waters. However, others believe in the legend about the old widow in black. According to the legend, the widowed woman managed to outlive several generations of her neighbors with the help of different potions. Allegedly, she is the one haunting the specific highway. Moreover, probably the most famous theory is the one stating that the highway was built on the old graveyard. Allegedly, the tombstones were moved to the new cemetery but the corpses stayed underground due to the reason that it was too expensive and too complicated to move all corpses to a new cemetery. Therefore, the road was just built over the graves which allegedly disturbed the deceased. 

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