Robert, the Original Chucky Doll

In November of 1988 horror movie called Child’s Play was released. It was a movie about the now famously known creepy killer doll Chucky. Movie quickly became globally famous following several other Child’s Play movies while the character of Chucky became one of the most famous classic horror movie characters. Although majority of us have at least heard of Chucky, did you know that he was based on real life doll? The truth is one of the most famous haunted dolls in the world Robert was an inspiration for the Chucky character in the movie Child’s Play. In the following article, we will take a closer look at the allegedly possessed doll; Robert.

According to, Robert the Doll was handmade by the Steiff Company of Germany at the turn of the 20th century. The doll was named after its owner, the young boy by the name of Robert Eugene Otto. It is believed that the doll was given to the boy by a Bahamian servant of the Otto family. Allegedly the Otto family mistreated the servant girl. However, the girl happened to practice voodoo and then decided to give the doll to the boy as the revenge. Furthermore, the boy and the doll were inseparable often referred to as “best friends”. The boy would spend lots of his time with the doll and the parents claim they would often hear their son talking to the doll. The boy would even blame the doll when he would misbehave saying: “I didn’t do it. Robert did it.” As time went by, the Otto family as well as their guests would witness the doll’s face expression change. On several occasions the family would hear the doll giggling as well as catching glimpses of the doll skittering from room to room.

Years later, the boy grew up and became an artist. He inherited his parent’s house alongside his wife. When he moved back to the house, he discovered the doll locked away in the attic. He was very happy to stumble upon the doll and even gave the doll its own room! On the contrary, his wife was not very pleased with the doll and allegedly, she insisted they get rid of it. After a while, the doll’s antics became unbearable so it was placed back to the attic. Despite Robert the Doll being locked away, the disturbances didn’t stop. Guests would complain about hearing footsteps coming from the attic while the pedestrians on the street claimed seeing the doll looking trough the attic window. There are also rumors that the doll would often be found downstairs in the rocking chair.

After Robert Eugene Otto’s death in 1974, the doll was left in the attic of the home where it remained until a new family moved into the house. It was Myrtle Reuter who purchased the Otto home in 1974 and claimed the doll moved around the house. In Reuter’s words “the doll is haunted”. Eventually, in 1994 she donated Robert the doll to the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West and that is where he remains till present day.

Robert might have not been as evil as Chucky but his story certainly is creepy and he definitely is one of the most famous haunted dolls alongside Annabelle and Peggy. Also just to mention, if you are planning a visit to the museum in order to meet Robert, make sure to ask if you can take his picture before you actually take it. It is said that he does not like it when people take pictures of him without his permission.

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